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Video || Hillary Basically Thinks She Won

If only, if this or that, would’ve could’ve happened, should’ve happened. I’ve never seen a losing presidential candidate like this. Hope she at least sells a lot of books in exchange for the chance to be a bit dignified, at least at the end of an undignified career.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

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  1. Could uh, Should uh, Would uh….

    Oh Please…this is embarrassing. I was at our local COSTCO on Saturday, luckily we entered later in the day. The Loser in Chief was there earlier in the day signing books.

    As we strolled the aisles we came upon the massive book section ( you’ve seen it) and there was a HUUUGE pile of the What The..Happened. There was only one patron there, even though the store was packed. She was thumbing through the pages, seemingly entranced.

    I could not resist: I sauntered up to her, and politely leaned in and said in a quiet voice ” I don’t want to spoil it, but I know the ending…” She was not amused…but I felt great….

    ps.. I would imagine she voted for Hilly, but she put the book back down, did not buy it.

    Ring up a big “NO SALE”.


  2. I know how she feels. If only my parents had bought the house next door in 1955 that was purchased for a new highway for big bucks, if only I was smarter in school, if only I had extra cash to invest in Microsoft back in the day, if only I was related to that rich guy who made all his heirs wealthy, if only I was talented and could sing and dance and act and get paid millions, if only……….

    She’s gone from loser to pathetic loser and a Dem embarrassment. They should call for an intervention.

  3. Hoped she would be humiliated when they “locked her up”
    She is humiliating and shaming herself with sad, very sad, pleading, whining “book tour”

  4. We love it. Keep talking, Hillary.
    Keep sucking all the oxygen out of the room.
    Keep the focus on you.


    Everybody and anybody running on the conservative side of the aisle in 2018.

  5. For Hillary to go publicly non-stop all these months about “I really won”, and not feel in the least stupid, or embarrassed or like a 12 year old spoiled brat who doesn’t get her way tells us all we need to know about how big a whack job she is.