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Trump is Right on DACA

President Trump today said his “deal” with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer over Chinese food at the White House to legalize illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children must include “massive” border security measures.

Trump is getting furious pushback from conservatives who are accusing him of abandoning his pledge to build a wall with Mexico. Reports indicate Trump will continue to push for a wall, just not as part of this package.

I’m not sure why conservatives are losing their heads over this. Republicans are not in a strong position with respect to DACA, given that the overwhelming majority of Americans want to keep DACA recipients in the United States, with most saying they should be made legal and many others saying not to make them citizens but let them stay.

It is cruelty to send people who were raised in this country to live in what for them is basically a foreign nation. We cannot and must not send all of them back to Mexico. What Trump must do is get the best deal he can by pushing to limit the scope of the action to those who truly came as children and have stayed here for years, limit the ability of DACA recipients to send for their relatives, and curb certain legal immigration to make up for the new legalization that would occur, as well as get border security measures.

Trump has already weakened his hand by revealing that he wants DACA recipients to stay here. He should have played it closer to his vest. I don’t get it.

Trump should continue to insist on funding for the wall in the spending bills. Republicans should seek to pass measures that include funding for border security and the wall, asserting that an election was held and building the wall was the centerpiece of it. The American people spoke. If Democrats won’t pass the spending bills, the onus should be on them, for once, for shutting the government down. And Republicans should not waver, allowing the shutdown to occur and blaming Democrats for not agreeing to a budget

7 thoughts on “Trump is Right on DACA”

  1. Re: limit the ability of DACA recipients to send for their relatives, and curb certain legal immigration to make up for the new legalization that would occur, as well as get border security measures.

    Maybe they should be issued a passport with “Dreamer” stamped on it. They can not sponsor relatives to come here. Also, maybe not let them vote until they are 50.

    Make them go through the regular immigration process to get the passport. I know of a Nicaraguan who is naturalized. he gets very upset when he sees others have a free ride. The rest of the world needs to see the USA goes by the rule of law.

  2. Bullsh!t! It is CRIMINAL to allow illegals to get US citizenship AFTER they broke our laws to come here illegally. Anyone who says differently is a criminal who deserves to be imprisoned, including ANYONE in government.

  3. Have we all forgotten the trainloads, busloads, and trudging “minors” who crossed our borders not so long ago? These are the new “DACA” recipients of American freebies.
    Egged on by the Dems and Obama, thousands of minors, unaccompanied, were sent here to form an anchor for when their parents and other relatives would be legally allowed to enter the US.
    To assume it would be cruel to send these illegal aliens back to their homeland is not allowing that not all of them arrived as toddlers, but some came as teenagers. We can assume they all speak Spanish, so it’s not like they would be going to Norway or South Africa where they know no one and don’t speak the language.
    Send them back to Mexico. All of them.
    If Congress wants to allow Mexicans special entry due to their years as law-abiding(?) residents, then do that.
    Otherwise, they have no home here.

      1. One question: who will examine their papers to verify the dates of their arrivals?
        We’re talking about illegal aliens who have used faux SS numbers for years without any penalty. If they can forge SS papers, then nothing will stop them from using faux immigration documents.

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