In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Donald and Chuck and Nancy and Paul and Mitch

Here’s part of the problem for Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Trump just likes Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi better.

And that’s a problem for all of us.

One of the reasons I think he turned to the Democratic leaders, beyond sending a message to Republicans that they need to get in line because he can talk to Democrats, is that he is far more confortable with Nancy and Chuck. The two Dems are, like he is, veteran urban schoozers. Schumer, like Trump, is from New York City, and Pelosi was born in Baltimore, where her father was the mayor. They get each other on a gut level. Schumer and Pelosi, just like Trump, have big personalities.

McConnell and Ryan do not have discernable personalities. They lack charm and have “uptight” written all over their faces. Ideologically, of course, they are much more likable than Schumer and Pelosi, and closer to Trump. But they are not Trump’s crowd. They’re from small towns, relative to New York. Trump’s comfort level with them is probably very low.

And this is important, because personal relationships are everything for Trump. He’s the exact opposite of Obama, who was all inside himself and his head. I think Trump has already had more meetings with members of Congress from either party in eight months than Obama had in eight years.

Still, I don’t believe that Trump is wholly opportunistic, as many do. I think he mostly believes the things he was saying on the campaign trail. I don’t believe he wants to abandon his promises, and in most ways he has not. And of course, he would never want to lose his adoring legions of #MAGA enthusiasts.

But he likes Chuck and Nancy better than Paul and Mitch. And that’s not a good thing.

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  1. Speaking as a NYer, I know the following:

    Trump is a doer, will do what he needs to do to get the job done, with partners willing to work with him.

    He holds allegiance to those who support him, but will not let past alliances prevent him from reaching his goals.

    Schumer is a force to deal with, like it or not. He and Pelosi have the power to lead other Dems to the table and Trump sees that. Playing the Obama game of “I won..” just does not work, never did.

    Trump will work with Ryan and McConnell, but not to his detriment.

    All these folks need to embrace the C word..compromise.

    Trump looks like the most independent President in our lifetime. Now we will see if that results in real action in DC.


  2. So, based on what you’ve written – Trump has to ‘like’ people to be able to negotiate with them? it’s not about policy, it’s about personality? So – then we’re going to have a trade war with Mexico because trump doesn’t like Peña? What about Trudeau – does he ‘like’ our Canadian neighbor? The nature of the job he has requires him to be able to engage, understand, and negotiate with leaders from around the world – many of whom he may have deep-rooted disagreements with. Allowing his personality to drive US policy is misguided and dangerous. But Keith – as you say: “And that’s not a good thing” so for once we agree.

    1. Snort.

      You’re precious.

      At least Trump ‘likes’ people and HAS a personality to drive his decisions … you know … unlike that vile, contemptible, corrupt b*tch you voted for.

  3. First and foremost, MrTrump is a businessman. It’s his whole life, his reason for getting up in the morning. Deals and dealing is what he knows best.
    If the Repubs won’t deal with him, give him even the smallest allowance, then why not turn to those who will?
    NYC and SanFran might be great megacities, but the people who dwell in them form small communities of friends and partners. They are not part of the whole, just a sliver.

    Whatever it takes seems to be the only way for MrTrump to achieve what he believes is right.
    If it means a pact with the devil(s), then so be it.

  4. The problem with McConnell & Ryan is not where they’re from, how they were raised, or whether or not they’re capable of schmoozing. They’re problem is they’re RINOs, cowards, liars and anti-Trump.

  5. My take on Trump’s political philosophy is that he doesn’t bend the knee at either the Republican or Democrat, or, for that matter, the conservative or liberal altars. He is goal oriented and has no tolerance or patience for politicians of any persuasion who refuse to support him achieve his goals. With that approach, he manages to upset the entire political establishment and pundit class in Washington. So be it.

    Ryan and McConnell have shown themselves to be utterly useless in advancing the Republican agenda or Trump’s goals.
    To be sure, Schumer and Pelosi are untrustworthy, creepy and dishonest politicians, but they are the only chess pieces on the board right now to advance the game. I do believe Trump plans his moves like a good chess player–thinking several moves ahead of his opponent, and Pelosi and Schumer are, for sure, his opponents. At least I hope he’s thinking ahead. So we’ll see where this ends up.

    1. Trump knows exactly the kind of people Schumer and Pelosi are.
      Trump is a doer surrounded by talkers.

      I think he will do anything necessary to MAGA.

  6. Well I might need a shower after this one. All I can picture is ChuckU with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. Keith. You have a future in horror films. In addition to your existing first rate occupation!

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