As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video Satire || Our Amazing Debt

And BTW, I don’t see any evidence President Trump’s going to do anything about it either. Seems like it’s off the MAGA list.

H/T to reasontv.

3 Responses to Video Satire || Our Amazing Debt

  1. Well, a good start was heading off Paul Ryan’s big plan to skate along for another 2 years without a budget, by making a deal with the Democrats to only extend the Debt Limit for 3 months. He can’t start paying off the debt until he gets them to stop digging that blasted hole.

    And, in addition to shoring up trade and building up business and industry, President Trump has started by quietly assuring that his departments stop spending their full budgets, and providing a proposed budget of, if I remember correctly, a trillion less than the non-existant budgets of the past 8 years. For all of which the Swamp is suing to try to force the waste to continue. Meanwhile, the Surrender Caucus is in full retreat against all the things they claimed to stand for over the past 20 years: “the wicked flee when no man pursueth”.

  2. One good EMP burst is all we need to wipe out this entire fake US “economy”… based on corporate Wall Street & political idiots, criminals & scum-bags of the current US Congress.