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Video || Hillary’s Binders Full of Excuses for Losing

People suggest that Donald Trump has a psychiatric condition. I am wondering about the mental health and reality testing of Hillary Clinton, who simply cannot seem to accept that she lost the election.

Forget that she lacks class. We already knew that about the Clintons. This woman needs counseling. She’s like a little girl whose hamster died and continues to pretend it’s alive.

Please, Clintons, go away. It’s been a quarter century of the both of you screwing up this country to satisfy your unquenchable personal ambitions. And take Chelsea with you, I assume the theories of genetics hold and she’s no better and might try inflicting herself on the public as well.

21 Responses to Video || Hillary’s Binders Full of Excuses for Losing

  1. Good mashed clip.
    Some folks just don’t know how to lose gracefully. The more she speaks, the more the voters realize how in the bin loony she really is…

    It was always about her…and only her.


  2. Isn’t it karmic justice that Clinton won’t go away, and that the more she talks and talks and talks, the more it hurts the Democratic Party? Maybe they shouldn’t have rigged the primary for her. Oh well, you lay down with dogs and get up with fleas, right?

  3. There might be a lot of reasons Hillary lost, but there’s no denying MrTrump won, fair and square.
    If she (and her minions) believe that only racists, women-haters, and other “deplorable” voters elected MrTrump, then the whole of the political class should take notice.
    Maybe Americans aren’t saintly, maybe they don’t like the mingling of the races, maybe they don’t feel comfortable having a woman as Commander in Chief, or maybe they just approved MrTrump’s call for the rule of law to be enforced.
    No matter what happened or who’s to blame, Americans have other issues, other worries to think about – and not many are concerned with Hillary’s damaged ego.

  4. Amazon and Walmart just reduced the price of her new book What Happened from $30 to $17.99 LOL

    New lineup for FOX Tucker Carlson at 8:00, Sean Hannity at 9:00, Laura Ingraham at 10:00 with a new show.

  5. Well, even if we agree that both of them have mental health issues, only one of them has access to the nuclear launch codes. So – Trump’s behavior endangers lives. Hillary, however you feel about her, is no longer a candidate or a politician, so all you have to do is ignore her and don’t buy her book.

    • Steve, only one of the two has mental health issues, and it’s the loo-hoo-hoozer Killary. Had she been elected she would’ve used those codes by now to launch missiles at Russia. Killary says she’s no longer a candidate, but she also said she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. Everything she spews is a lie.

    • “So – Trump’s behavior endangers lives.”


      People like you screamed for eight, solid years Ronny Raygun was going to kill us all!!!

      We didn’t buy your crapola then and we’re not buying it now. Shut it.

    • Barry’s behaviour endangered lives, and caused the deaths of police officers all across the USA. Barry gave birth to BLM and Antifa. How does President Trump endanger lives? Oh right, I forgot – some B-rated actress swears Trump caused the hurricanes!

  6. Trump may look nuts to the swamp People, but not to me. Smart and knows how to get things done. Even tho the Lying Ryan is doing his GOP best to upset the apple cart.
    Hillary’s deplorables turn out to be Her and the RHINOs plus the far left Dems……..

    • Oh I love The Toledo Blade…used to read it every day when I lived in the suburbs of Toledo for 29 years…..both of my sisters still live there….but I don’t miss the politics and I don’t miss the weather.

    • Thanks for that great link, Sarah. I love it, particularly this part:

      You learn more about a person in defeat than victory. And what we have learned about Mrs. Clinton, pretty definitively now, is that nothing is her fault — ever. She is a sore loser who will not get off the stage.

  7. It’s fun to make fun of the Clintons. But we should remember that they may be guilty of criminal behavior. Hillary with her hidden emails and Perjurer Bill who lied under oath while being chief executive officer of the land. The facts behind the Clinton foundation and pay to play must be brought to light and justice must be served. They both seem to be a joke but there is alleged criminal behaviour are for what they have done. Not a joke. What they are alleged to have done is serious and must be investigated!