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Just Like We Thought: Next Step, Single Payer

More than half of the Democrats most likely to run for president in 2020 support fully socialized medicine, and I guarantee you, none of the others will make it through the primaries without backing single payer.

From the Washington Post:

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) became the fourth co-sponsor of Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) “Medicare for all” health-care bill Monday. In doing so, he joined Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.).

What do those four senators have in common? Well, they just happen to constitute four of the eight most likely 2020 Democratic presidential nominees, according to the handy list I put out Friday. And another senator in my top 8, Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), last month came out in favor of the idea of “Medicare for all” — though not this specific bill (yet).

This is about as far from a coincidence as you can get. And it suggests the dam is breaking when it comes to the Democratic Party embracing government-funded health care, also known as single-payer.

Now, here’s the punchline. When Obamacare happened, conservatives declared that it was little more than a prelude to single payer, which was coming next. Some even said that this was the Democrats’ plan all along, and were immediately called conspiracy theorists or paranoid.

Well, I’m certain at least some of the more savvy Democrats understood that once you get government’s foot in the door of any issue, you can never get it out. Obamacare is not working. People are now used to government subsidies. So why not end all this foreplay and get down to business, goes the thinking.

It’s a tested and perennially successful strategy. Get Americans used to free stuff, and soon they’ll be asking for more free stuff, or at least open to it. It’s human nature to gravitate toward what’s easier and more comfortable. And liberals can leave it to conservatives to complain about who will pay for it, what it does to the character of a country to be getting so much free stuff, and to ask whether hard working Americans are going to suffer and die because limited resources are distributed to all.

And never mind that people on Medicaid don’t seem to have much better outcomes than those without insurance, who often end up getting treated by beneficent doctors and hospitals who understand they will do some work and never get paid for it. We are a compassionate society. Soon we will simply be an even more regulated society, with much worse health care for all.

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  1. VA – government run hospital = little or no care.
    Medicare – government run health insurance = little care unless additional insurance is purchased.
    The people who believe that single-payer will provide coverage for ALL are deluded, tricked, and will find that our government (or any government) can’t provide everything for everyone.
    If they think it will be “free” -ha.

    • Oh, sure it will provide coverage for ALL. It just won’t be worth squat. I lived in Canada for 2.5 years. Their health care was nothing to write home about.

      • And, by the way, at that time I worked at the US Consulate in Montreal – non-immigrant visas, immigrant visas, American citizen services. LOTS of Canadian doctors were going to the States on J-1 visas — much better than staying in the Canadian system.

        • I talked to two Canadians here. One’s mother bruised her hip and went to in the hospital. He said the good news was it was free. He added that the bad news was he worked almost 9 months paying taxes before he saw his own money.

          The other thought his kids were over medicated. He said when his kids had a minor cough, ear ache or fever his wife would rush to the doctor. He thought it would be better if there was something like a $5 cost for an office visit to discourage her.

  2. It’s unfortunately not a big step to single payer in most people’s minds. What we have today, if you think about it, really amounts to single payer for most individuals. We have insurance from ONE company, and all treatments must be approved by that company. Their incentive is to pay for as little care as possible, just like a socialized program. And it works just about that well. We don’t have a free market in health care, and likely never will. The only difference will be the government will be managing the whole thing, which will be about as good as the Post Office, the DMV, or the VA.

  3. When – not if – when single payer comes? Don’t blame the Democrats. It is who they are. It is what they do. We know this. They’ve told us.

    No. Blame the GD Republicans who promised us they’d repeal Obamacare if they were just given the chance. And when given that opportunity, turned around and told us to stick it somewhere.

    The Republicans in Congress own this. Make them eat it.

    • Yep. It is the Incumbent Republicans in Congress and the Senate today who now own Obamacare. They might as well have passed it themselves.

      Only President Trump has kept his promise to give us such relief as he can despite the Obstructions of his own party. President Trump’s directive to the IRS to stop asking people if we have insurance and stop levying penalties was at least a bit of relief from the horrid mandates. President Trump is also going after those evil Abortion/Birth Control mandates from other directions, as well. We need to get him some help in Congress! Wisconsin MUST vote for Paul Nehlen in the primary and CANTOR Paul Ryan!

  4. Simple REPLY: NFIP
    National Flood Insurance Plan.

    Ck out the article in TIME this week…talking about how we need private insurance to help support the failing NFIP program.

    Yep, from the same folks that think single payer Flood Insurance works well, we will have single payer Healthcare.

    Just ask Houston, Miami, Jacksonville and Naples who responded first…. it was private resources.

    Not that we should do away with the NFIP and perhaps private insurance has a seat in the marketplace, but this is just another example of what a Federally operated program can do, or not do.


  5. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    My final comment here may not set well with Keith and many of his readers – But – It is my opinion and I’m sticking with it.

    First though, Keith’s analysis and comments were “spot on” especially the part; “Get Americans used to free stuff, and soon they’ll be asking for more free stuff,” – One need to only look at the looter’s mentality after a natural disaster to agree with that.

    All of the previous commenters have also raised valid points. I do believe that most of Keith’s readers are intelligent and adept at expressing their opinions.

    I’m hoping that after my comment I may be included in that class, even though I may or may not be agreed with.

    My opinion; I will immediately stop reading and move along whenever I see any article with the reference “Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)” Why? He is NOT and has NEVER been an “Independent”! His background shows previous affiliations as a Communist and as a Socialist, as has his wife’s.

    So, if and when, I ever see a (C-Vt.) or (S-Vt.) I will read on. It is important to me that if labels are gonna’ be used to describe a politician’s ideology that they not be misleading.

    • Donald Trump (R-NY). The NewYork part is true, but the “R” – not so much.
      I have a “D” behind my name, but I haven’t been a real “D” for years. It’s just a relic of my wasted yute when I knew everything.
      If the Trump people want to start a new political party, I’d consider joining.

      “Patriots”, that would be a nice name for the new political party.

    • Dear darling Ron….you need to calm down honey…for a guy in Ohio you are sure getting whipped into a lather over Grandad Bernie. Chill out sweetie…we have a long way to go to further the absolute cause and truth about conservatism. Have a beer and concentrate on the bigger picture

      • Ron in Ohio Sez:

        Patty, dear:

        Thanks for the advice. I certainly wish that I could simply “chill out” but, ya’ gotta’ remember I live in a state with a few too many politicos who want to emulate the likes of “Commie Bernie” – Shrill-Liar-ly & the Obungler.

        Specifically, Gov. Kasich (?-OH), Sen. Brown (D-OH) and Sen. Portman (RINO-OH).

        But, we’ll take care of each whenever they come-up for election. Until then, I gotta’ rant. Because, “Commie Bernie” and those wanna’-be’s are really “the big picture” as I see it preventing Trump’s MAGA agenda.

  6. Here in Panama we a dual system. We have government run hospitals, clinics, and health centers. The private hospitals are there to make a profit. They see a Gringo coming and up goes the prices.

    The public hospitals are always crowded. No private rooms just 6 bed wards or larger. The doctor you get is what they give you. The hospitals have a reputation of having HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections).

    Here the nurses sit at the nurse’s station during their shift. They only get up to give medications.

    The public health clinics give flu shots. I went twice and saw 2-3 hour wait lines. Later on the third trip the ER was giving the shots. Even at that it took almost an hour. There was no charge.

  7. OT, watch the corporate media avoid this story for as long as possible. They first have to decide on most negative, anti-Trump spin possible before running the story, and that takes time to develop. Plus, they have to get George Soros’ approval for the story and he’s hard to track down.

    “Supreme Court restores Trump’s travel ban: Justices say administration can bar thousands of refugees from entering the country’

  8. And of course, all those goddamned POLITICIANS *spits* will get to keep THEIR doctors, and they’ll get the best care OUR money can buy.

    While we the “deplorables” die on some wait list.

    Tar. Feathers. Pitchforks. Torches.