As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Hillary Clinton Bought a House in New York for Her White House Staff

Except, she’s not going to have any White House staff.

Now that’s some hubris for you. At least she’s not superstitious. No superstitious person would buy a house assuming they were going to win.

The house she bought is next to the one she owns in Chappaqua, New York, and was to be where staffers and Secret Service would hang out during her retreats from the White House to New York.

14 Responses to Hillary Clinton Bought a House in New York for Her White House Staff

  1. Those eyes!
    She ran as a “woman”, but claims that she didn’t win because she is a “woman”.
    Maybe. Maybe it was the kind of woman she is that she didn’t win.
    Now, she acts like the scorned wife and is looking for pity from someone. Men who lose elections don’t keep whining about it, they move on.
    She should do the same.

  2. I understand that her plan was to rent the house to those assigned to protect her, and then charge the Secret Service over $100,000 a month for the privilege. No link for this interesting tidbit, but I’ve seen a few comments here and there discussing it.

  3. I wonder that she doesn’t wear a crown made of paste diamonds. This woman truly feels she is a queen deprived of her throne.

    One thing is that she got it right at last — it was angry voters who spoiled her coronation — voters angry that such a third-rate human being would be put before them as a candidate.

  4. When Hillary was walking with Jane Pauley, didn’t she look like Godzilla walking? Her legs go out to the side instead of in front of her, like she is struggling to balance herself.

  5. Hillary is a sad case of a complete lack of self-awareness and a growing detachment with reality. Like a lot of politicians, she surrounded herself with rump swabs whose key task is to tell her how wonderful she is, how smart she is, how amazing she is. The actual effect was to enable her to continue living in her narcissistic craziness. She should have brought is the equivalent of a court jester, whose key job in Medieval times was to take the wind out of the pomposity and arrogance of the king or queen by pointing out their foibles and bad decisions–but to do it in a humorous manner. It helped to keep the Royals honest, though sometimes the court jester was, er, eliminated for being too direct and honest. I should look up the list of people around Hillary who are no longer with us, so to speak. Maybe they called her out for one thing or another and she was not pleased with what they heard.

  6. Hubris did her in. Getting away with email caper, getting away with “pay to play” re: State department and Clinton “foundation” and more, much more she assumed that she was entitled to win.

  7. It’s odd that she claims to have written the book at the dining room table in that house. So, after she lost, they decided to keep the house and went through the trouble of furnishing it and decorating it? For what? Hmm, is she admitting that she and Bubba are living in separate residences? Why else would she be writing her book at the dining room table in the new house?

    I still think some of the rumors about Chelsea and the house are true. They bought the house, planning on Shrillary being POTUS, for Chelsea and her kids to use on weekends and Shrillary could see them when she returned home to Chappaqua from the WH.

    Also, the rumored bonus was that Chelsea would be able to run for Nita Lowey’s House seat if Chelsea lived in Chappaqua: