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Republican Establishment Returning to the White House

Uhh, I get things are going to be more orderly, but is this why the American people voted for Trump? To have more former establishment Republicans and Democrats installed in the White House?

From a report by Politico:

President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, is tightening his grip on the West Wing, thinning staff he considers extraneous while bringing in new blood to professionalize a White House that has suffered from internal turmoil.

For the new hires, the retired general is looking to seasoned political hands rather than the neophytes who made up the first wave of aides brought in by Trump, many of whom never had clear portfolios, according to eight current and former White House officials.

Mercedes Schlapp, wife of American Conservative Union chairman Matthew Schlapp, is expected to be Kelly’s first high-profile addition. She’s in talks to join the White House in a senior role in the communications department, according to three White House officials with knowledge of the situation.

Schlapp served as a George W. Bush spokeswoman to Spanish-language outlets. She’s an eloquent and principled conservative, though, and as far as I know has been a consistent and vocal Trump supporter, at least since the general election campaign. So it’s not clear to me if she adds to the establishment-resurrection problem or not. But others on their way in most likely will.

Politico, of course, approves of the new approach:

It’s the latest sign of Kelly’s transformation of the West Wing from a drama-filled social hub into a more buttoned-down workplace that resembles previous administrations, at least in structure and process.

Former Bannon aides and associates have headed through, or are headed to, the door.

Trump’s new chief of staff has also taken aim at aides close to Steve Bannon, who left in mid-August amid the furor that followed the president’s handling of a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left one woman dead. He’s returned to his old role running Breitbart News, which he left to join Trump’s campaign last year.

Kelly’s targets include Sebastian Gorka, a White House counterterrorism adviser who reported to Bannon and worked in his “war room” . . . Gorka resigned in late August, a week after Bannon left. Like Bannon, he has since returned to Breitbart News. Deputy political strategist Andrew Surabian, a senior member of the “war room,” also resigned last month after Bannon’s departure, and will become a senior adviser to pro-Trump super PAC Great America Alliance.

14 Responses to Republican Establishment Returning to the White House

  1. Whatever works. Something has to work in DC.
    This stalling, refusing to do what is needed, and the constant bickering has to stop.
    We don’t want a no/do nothing government, but one that does what is necessary.

    As for the Bannon minions and the newbies that didn’t work out – not surprised.
    The entrenched political figures think they “own” DC and if MrTrump needs to placate them or work with them to get things done – so be it.
    It’s no secret what the Trump voters want, but the bottom line, the most important thing was to defeat the Clinton machine, and we did.

  2. I suppose this shuffle illustrates that you might need one type of assistant or aide when you are running for President, and quite another type of staffer with a different skill set and experience once you are settling in the White House and need to govern. I dunno. We’ll see how it all shakes out.

  3. I don’t care if some members of the establishment go to work at the WH — as long as they are working FOR Trump and the American people and not for the “establishment”. Trump needs professional people to get things done, not just rabble rousers to stir things up and agitate his base. But those professionals must work FOR him not against him. And those professionals must bring pressure on the Republican “establishment” to get on board with Trump.

  4. People elected rump for his badonkadonk! He is in it only to enlarge the badonka, to enrich the badonka, to curry favor (or is that curry flavor) the badonka! All heil Der Badonkadonk! Badonkadonk Uber Alles! (Or is that over Alice?)