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Merkel Hit by Tomato Hurled by Open-Borders Opponent

Angela Merkel was hit by a tomato that was apparently thrown by an opponent to her policy of letting untold numbers of immigrants from terrorist-harboring regions into Germany, and therefore into Europe.

Here she is around the moment the tomato landed. Unfortunately, you can’t really see it being thrown. Okay, I’m not saying it was a good thing it was thrown, just, if it gets thrown, we’d like to see it, right?

Someone else is delivering remarks, but don’t worry, I speak German. He is saying, “Doesn’t the chancellor look lovely today? I bet no one will throw a tomato at her.”

In the freeze frame below you can see Merkel looking at the tomato stain while others around her applaud the accuracy of the thrower.

The video below includes post-throw footage of the actual tomato, which appears to have been quite ripe. Fortunately for Merkel, the stain on her outfit is hard to see because she was in fact dressed as a tomato, though not so ripe.

5 Responses to Merkel Hit by Tomato Hurled by Open-Borders Opponent

  1. Bless her heart. Awww. Gee whiz. Oh my.
    What in the world is Germany thinking- that millions of Muslims will make Germany great again?
    None of this open border policy makes sense.

  2. Too bad the tomato wasn’t hurled harder and with more accuracy, if it had been, Madame Merkel might have had some sense knocked into her empty head. Instead the tomato was sacrificed for nothing.