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Video || Trump and Melania in Texas

Here is some video from the White House showing President Trump and the first lady Saturday during their second trip to Texas. Lots of touching and feeling. And Melania is in sneakers. Okay?

6 thoughts on “Video || Trump and Melania in Texas”

  1. While the snide and petty MSM worries about MrsTrump’s footware, the rest of us notice other things about her. She’s wearing a ball cap with a pony-tail! She’s wearing a plain cotton, button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up! She’s wearing simply designed slacks.
    The tennis shoes? Of course.
    MrTrump is wearing lace-up boots – not custom made high end shoes, a simple jacket, and a shirt with an open neckline.
    We notice these things.

  2. Importantly, we notice their genuine compassion, concern and generosity. We don’t give a rat’s behind on what they are wearing, or what the logo on their caps say.

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