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John Bolton: Remove Kim Jong-Un or Remove the Weapons

“The only way to solve the North Korean problem is to remove the regime or remove the weapons capability.”

That’s the bottom line, boys and girls. If you think that the United States and the world can live with a nuclear North Korea with its weapons aimed at U.S. cities – your city – then go ahead and support sanctions or negotiations, because the North Koreans don’t care about either.

Why isn’t John Bolton in the administration, BTW?

8 Responses to John Bolton: Remove Kim Jong-Un or Remove the Weapons

  1. Yup. Got a grown up in the White House….will do the tough thing….. lots of NK will die…but with Kim there they have been dying people and with the starvation and torture there not it is otherwise expected to continue.

    So…. now or later…. 1933 or 1939 or 1945….. just like now… 2017 or 2020 or 2023…..Betcha in 1946 people were starting to ask themselves why we did not move faster…..

    History should not have to be repeated.

  2. There’s a lot of why? surrounding this chubby kid’s actions. What does he suppose would happen in he did manage to send a bomb to Seattle or even Japan? Does he imagine the powers of the world would bow down to his majesty and threats of further devastations?

    Every photo released by the N.Ko’s show the chubby kid surrounded by military types. Since we know very little about the workings inside that country, we have to assume that civilian politicians or advisors are not welcome. Nuclear bombs and missiles are very expensive, cost millions each – so who’s financing this military advancement and what is the end game.

    I’m not sure that offing the chubby kid will stop the constant threats if he’s just a figurehead for others. As for eliminating the ‘regime’, who’s to say what it is and who is involved.
    If there was ever a situation for the U.N. to oversee, this is it.

    • Re: Who is financing? I found this comment on how North Korea makes money on a website called Quora.

      Natural resources- north korea along with china has an abundant quantity of rare minerals (used in processors and batteries etc ). Makes a good revenue with its export.

      Weapons exports- isis, libya along with guerilla groups in central Africa being its main importers.

      Missile technology exports- pakistan , syria and libya

      Forced labours- north koreans working in eu (poland,czech), russia and doha.

      Coal exports- china along with south korea being the importers.

      Drug – drug exports to russia and china.

      Plus, I have read reports N Korea counterfeits US money.