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Melania Wears Heels Again on Her Way to Texas!

Love this. She’s not being intimidated, and not trying to be someone she is not to please the politically correct. Click on the photos and you’ll see it.

I think her husband should have worn stilettos too as a show of support. Okay, that’s a joke.

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      • That’s true — Michelle was cried up as a fashion leader and icon — only the most careful photos could give this impression. She was actually a hulking lumber-gaited pudge who got who knows how much plastic surgery while in the WH.

  1. FYI, My President is wearing water-proof lace up boots (Lands End?)with a SUIT! o.m.g.!!!
    MrsTrump is a lovely woman who knows who and what she is. The senseless attacks on her for being too, uh, motherly, too fashionable, too intelligent – oh wait, not intelligent are just more fuel in the burning out the MSM.

  2. The Arizona Republic website is reporting tonight that My FLOTUS put her heels back on to board AF1 after touring the flood sites in TX.

    Are they insane, lost their purpose, think that this is news or journalism?
    What is wrong with the left/MSM?

    • The’ve been blinded by their own “million points of light, ascending to the sky.”

      I was going to say “let the reader understand” and leave it at that, but something occurred to me as I was typing that.

      Take a look at–or, better, a listen to–the song “Carbon” by VNV Nation. You could leave it at a surface reading, call it Greenpeace material, and leave it there; I admittedly usually do exactly that.

      But if you read it a second time, and consider it as a song about the current POLITICAL environment–arguably well outside its original meaning, I suppose–it seems even more chilling. If you regard “the little people” as the environment, then a lyric like, “We torch the Earth until it bleeds…By our blindness and stupidity, we kill everything,” suddenly becomes a song that feels less like a lament for nature, and more like an an alarum about approaching absolutism.

      I need to think about that…

  3. The MSM have become adolescents who crouch behind the door peering at the world and messaging each other about the things that catch their adolescent attention.