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Trump to Give $1 Million of His Own Money to Harvey Relief

I assume he’ll get crap this.

For example, what if he’s wearing sneakers when he writes the check?

7 thoughts on “Trump to Give $1 Million of His Own Money to Harvey Relief”

  1. I’d give anything to help Texas and Louisiana residents with something. I am limited in my resources and so I just watch TV and feel bad for them. I don’t like people making fun of this tragedy at all. If Pres. Trump can find a million dollars to give to those people, my thoughts are: Good for him. He puts his money where it’s needed. Good for him.

  2. I don’t like this. Setting a precedent for the POTUS to donate his personal funds to help during a natural disaster could come back to create some real problems.
    Suppose some horrible earthquake devastates parts of CA, tornados rip through multiple towns and cities in the heartland, and so on – where does he decide his personal money should go? If he decides not to donate, he’ll be placed back on the hot seat for being a hypocrite.
    Like many retired seniors, I can’t be of much help for the many victims. I feel bad, pray for their safety and a return to some kind of normal life for them.

  3. I’m waiting with baited breath on seeing the amount the Clinton Foundation ponies up. I’m guessing that it won’t be much, considering that the ppl of Texas has no influence to peddle back their way.

    1. I was thinking of the very same thing. The Clintons got caught stealing money from their Clinton Foundation’s “let’s help Haiti” campaign, so maybe they’ve decided to lay low on the Texas flood.

      Also been looking for the help and $contributions from Antifa or George Soros or BLM or Obama Foundation (yes, he has a Clinton -style “foundation” now) but there seems to be nothing in the news about those efforts. Must have missed those news stories. We know that those groups consider Texans “deplorables” because Trump won Texas so there’s that in play. The only thing we’re seeing in the news is the deplorables’ Navy risking life and limb to rescue people.

      1. So true. All I see on the “news” is racist rednecks helping out their neighbors. None of the groups you mentioned helping out anywhere. Maybe they are allergic to water and hard work?

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