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Poll || Sixty Percent Oppose Trump Arpaio Pardon

Sixty percent of Americans oppose President Trump’s decision to pardon Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, while only 34 percent support it, according to a new NBC News poll.

Now, I know, consider the source. But the poll also gives Trump a 36 percent approval rating, which is just a couple of points below the average of polls. So I think this probably does suggest most people do not approve of the pardon.

The poll also finds that just 31 percent have a favorable opinion of Hosue Speaker Paul Ryan, while only 30 percent like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

8 thoughts on “Poll || Sixty Percent Oppose Trump Arpaio Pardon”

  1. Question 1: What percentage of Americans approved Obama’s pardons and releases of thousands of prisoners?
    Question 2: What is it that PresTrump is doing @65% of Americans do NOT approve?

    All these polls do is try to change the public’s perception of what one’s neighbors are thinking and try to nudge them out of their singular support of MrTrump and his actions. There was a poll recently asking if Trump voters regretted their support – no pollster ever asked citizens if they regretted voting for Obama.
    It’s a group bully.

  2. Most people learned of the pardon from their TV news; the big three broadcasters. Who are all against trump to begin with. So the news about the pardon would’ve been biased. This of course would affected their view about the pardon and thus would have affected their response to the poll.

  3. Methodology? D/R/I split? Question wording? A link to the original would be nice.

    I saw a poll a few months ago that had Kamala Harris beating Trump by one point in a theoretical 2020 matchup. But then I looked at the methodology, and the sample was D+11.

    I do not trust any poll which has a too-convenient result in 72-point type, with methodology in 8-point type. Even if-ESPECIALLY if–some of the other data points sound about right. Was the phrasing of the Arpaio question loaded? No methodology, no way to check…see what I’m getting at?

    Respectfully, Sir: This is not your best work. You know better.

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