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Hillary Clinton Book Tour “A New Level of Greed”

“I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money,” Barack Obama once said. But given reports that he and Michelle Obama have accepted some $65 million for their upcoming books, the “you” in that sentence obviously doesn’t mean “one,” as in “one has made enough money.” It means “you,” as in other people, not the Obamas.

And not Hillary, who despite her vast fortune is angling for much more.

According to Fox News:

Starting next month, the former Democratic presidential nominee embarks on a tour across the United States and Canada to promote “What Happened,” her memoir about running against Donald Trump for president.

For $2,375.95 (or $3,000 in Canadian dollars), Clinton fans in Toronto can obtain a “VIP platinum ticket” for her Sept. 28 talk. That ticket includes two front-row seats, a photo with Clinton backstage and a signed book.

“It is standard for high profile authors to do book tours that sell tickets to events, but Clinton’s tour takes it to a new level of greed,” an industry source told Fox News.

General admission tickets to Clinton’s events are offered, too, for a lower price than the VIP versions. In Toronto, all the $70.49 (or $89 in Canadian currency) tickets for Clinton’s lecture already have sold out.

Mark Steyn and Tucker Carlson decided to have some fun with it.

Steyn noted how Carlson compared the prices to that of a Broadway show, saying that at the New York appearance, attendees might get a “restricted view of a full chorus of Macedonian content farmers dancing behind her, explaining why she lost the election.”

Clinton once blamed “fake news sites” in the Balkan nation for causing her to lose the election.

Steyn said that there are scores of “Saudi princes and Sudanese warlords” who are upset with Clinton only charging North Americans $2400 to meet her.

“That’s bargain basement prices for a meet and greet,” he said, speaking as the Saudis or Sudanese. “I had to pay four million dollars to the Clinton Foundation and sit through a speech on Diarrhea in Africa from Chelsea [Clinton] before I could meet with Hillary Clinton.”

He called both events a “hell of a steal.”

20 Responses to Hillary Clinton Book Tour “A New Level of Greed”

    • Actually that blurb is written by the author or their ghost writer.
      I edit an author who publishes on Amazon & review his book statement/descriptions before he posts them.
      It will be fun to read the reviews after it’s on sale!

    • If sales of the book are low (and they will be) you can bet the Clinton Foundation or some other corrupt enterprise will buy up hundreds of thousands of the book to make it look like it’s a best seller. It’s a trick the Clintons have used before.

  1. She just can’t leave it alone, just can’t stop whining about her loss.
    A lack of grace, a distain for political protocol, and the fury of a “woman scorned” is Hillary Clinton.

  2. This will be a best seller,even if it was blank. There are literally millions of bobbleheads still reeling from November 2016.

    On the upside, if it was blank, it wouldn’t need to go in the fiction section.

  3. That is the nature of money. You always want more. I don’t think any of us is immune to that.
    Look at Trump – he’s supposedly a billionaire and still wants more. He funneled money from kids charity to his pockets:
    He’s profiting from govt via Trump hotel, renting carts at inflated prices to Secret service.

    Having said that, Hillary needs to move on. Enough of the books..

  4. The real question, of course, is who really wrote Hillary’s latest book. She’s always had ghostwriters. For example, Hillary’s book “Living History” was written by Maryanne Vollers. Hillary’s “It Takes A Village” book was written by Barbara Feinman Todd, a Georgetown University lecturer. Same with all of Hillary’s books. Hillary doesn’t write her books. She’s above all that actual hard work.

    I can’t remember which ghostwriter of one of Hillary’s books it was, but there was a big hoop-de-do when Hillary refused to pay the ghostwriter the agreed upon payment for writing the book. I think the lawsuit got settled, but I can’t remember how it turned out.

    So who was the unlucky ghostwriter who actually wrote Hillary’s latest book? We’ll learn who it is eventually, but it would be nice to know now. Just for fun.

  5. The Clinton crime family will not leave the country. There should be an investigation and criminal charges should be laid. That will effectively end the nonsense of this family.
    I still wonder why Trump did not appoint a special prosecutor to deal with the Clintons.