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Trump Touts Three-Percent Growth, Demands Tax Reform

President Trump today in Springfield, Missouri touted what is essentially the first economic growth report of his administration, a revision of the second-quarter GDP number up to 3 percent. The rate is well above the average growth rate under Barack Obama, even post-recession, and is the strongest number in more than two years. And yes, I do think the expectation bu businesses that taxes are going down and regulations are being scaled back under Trump has something to do with it.

Let’s hope Trump does the tax reform push better than the Obamacare repeal effort. He needs to be out there constantly talking about it to build political support. I think he will, he never got into the details of Obamacare, and I think was never as excited about it as he will be with respect to tax reform. Too bad, because Obamacare is a disaster and he should have done better.

3 Responses to Trump Touts Three-Percent Growth, Demands Tax Reform

  1. Annual. Not quarterly. Annual.

    President Precious is the first president to never – ever – have an entire year of three-percent growth.

    Credit where credit is due, indeed.

  2. Tax reform is a way by which Trump can gain the political support. That is no strange he was constantly talking about it in Springfield today. Tax reform is a filed in which Obama had a bad performance which gives Trump the opportunity. However, do you believe he can realize the goal of up to 3 percent growth for the second-quarter GDP number?