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Texas Gov. Abbott Praises Trump Hurricane Response

As you may have noticed, even though President Trump and the first lady traveled to Texas before the storm had even moved on and everyone agrees the federal response has been exemplary, the press is after Trump for not dropping enough syrupy words of compassion, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama would have been careful to do. Then they’d have been applauded in the press, even if the former laid it on too thick and the latter sounded like a Vulcan.

And if the feds were screwing this up, we’d be reading articles about how the bureaucracy was resisting the heroic efforts of a frustrated president, how local officials need to take the lead, or something like that.

Seriously, can the mainstream media discredit itself any more? And then they wonder why they get attacked by the president and conservatives. They don’t even seem to be pretending to take their bias out of this anymore. At least there was less bias when they were pretending.

Gov. Abbott:

The coordination at the federal and state and local level has been as good as in any tragedy that we’ve ever seen in the United States. As you know, I spent the day with the president, but today was not the first say that I’ve talked to him about this storm, our talks began before the Hurricane even hit Texas.

7 thoughts on “Texas Gov. Abbott Praises Trump Hurricane Response”

  1. Since Governor Abbott said something positive about Trump, he should now be in the left’s cross hairs, right? No one can say anything nice about Trump, ever. Of course, Abbott’s been there before,handled it just fine and I have no doubt he’ll do it again.

  2. OT but related to Harvey. The Dallas Cowboy/Houston Texan football game to be played in Arlington this week end has been cancelled so that the Houston players can be home to take care of things. Ticket holders to the game can receive a refund or donate.

    1. How thoughtful and practical.
      I wondered how much heart the Houston players would bring to this game, now I know – not much, since their hearts are back home.

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