As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Trump Thanks First Responders in Corpus Christi, Texas

9 Responses to Video || Trump Thanks First Responders in Corpus Christi, Texas

  1. Meh. I’ve heard much worse, particularly from the most recent _resident, but what-the-heck-ever.

    I’ll give it about six hours until the usual bloviators find something trivial in those remarks to bloviate about.

    Donald Trump could discover the secret to human immortality, and the American media would turn right around and say he only did it to put funeral homes out of business.

  2. Check the definition of narcissist — it has Obama’s photo by the word.

    idiot Trump is not…. he is the president…and much more…an idiot he is not.

    He cares about more than than ratings and crowd size….Might want to listen more.

    The hat…says USA.

    Oh…USMC… Thank you for your service. (that is disagreeing without being violent like the antifa nut jobs).

    Best to you,

  3. A reminder: every holiday, every disaster was a photo op for Obama.
    Lincoln’s birthday? A photo of Obama looking at the Lincoln memorial statue.
    A 9/11 remembrance? A photo of Obama looking at the disaster or him serving food to the homeless (that other people donated).
    Maybe it comes with the job, who knows.

    As for the hat – nothing that says “USA” is stupid. The profit? MrTrump has made and kept more money before being elected than all of us combined commenting here at WHD could dream about.

  4. But he didn’t show enough empathy! Seems to me what the Texans need most is help, not tears. And our President has been providing that in spades. And Texas knows that.