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Illinois Become a Sanctuary State

The bill was signed into law by a Republican governor, apparently a RINO with an extra horn. Liberals seem to care less about the rule of law and the Constitution – and violence committed by antifa for a “good” cause – than their own agenda.

12 Responses to Illinois Become a Sanctuary State

  1. Good for them. We hope all illegal aliens, no matter from where, congregate in their great state to enjoy all the benefits the taxpayers can provide.
    Maybe they can all the taxpayers can learn Spanish, or Kurdu, or whatever language other than American English the illegals prefer.
    Soon, the sanctuary states will be flooded with people from third-world countries.
    Better them than us.

  2. Rino with a second horn, very clever…

    Illinois. Sanctuary State…perfect, bloody perfect.

    Don’t bother fixing the turmoil in South Side Chicago, open the doors to more problems.

    I can see the FOR SALE signs in front yards already


    • Saw this guy interviewed on FNC awhile back. WOW, he sounded like an idiot, give-no-real-answer Democrat, did not know he was a so-called “Republican” until I saw the “R” next to his name.

  3. Houston is a Sanctuary city or at least the mayor is. He said illegals should not be deported during this event. If they were picked up he would personally represent them. Shouldn’t he be devoting his time and effort to the rescue and recovery??

    • I just heard that yesterday about Houston. I’m not surprised. The last time I was there was twenty years ago. It was bad then, but I can only imagine now. I believe it’s population with surrounding area is 10 million, fourth biggest city in the country. Their mayor ranks up there with Ray Nagin, the mayor of NOLA when hurricane Katrina hit. At that time we could watch everything happing on TV. Now they hide the bad news from us;)

  4. Fix the problems in Chicago first! The governor has apparently lost his way. He’s trying to score some feel good political points at the expense of his entire state. Hope this is his last term!

  5. So he’s inviting illegals in, probably to the hellhole that Chicago has become, to add yet more numbers of the shot-dead population in that crazy deadly city.

  6. LOL, as the video explained, this was revised bill was passed overwhelmingly.

    Here is an article on this topic….

    By the way, this “RHINO” is far better than the alternative. He has democratic controlled state house and senate.

    Also, keep in mind that when Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuelle ran for Mayor in last election in runoff, he was the “Conservative”… and the opposition called the most despised name … a Republican!

    Here is the actual bill:

  7. I now point out to illegal alien rah-rahs, “YOU will never lose your job to an illegal alien, but plenty of Americans have. I’m surprised you support lawbreakers instead of their victims.”

  8. Good deal…all the illegals can jump on interstate 75 and head north out of Georgia and be in Chiraq in time for a taco dinner. Hurry before the gas price nips up after Hurricane Harvey!