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Trump Lifts Ban on Military Gear for Police

I’m not a big fan of over-arming the state. The most important thing for the police is the change in attitude under Trump’s Justice Department that the cops are not presumed guilty if there is a violent clash with a minority. This should help encourage the police to be more proactive in protecting communities – yes, especially minority communities – from crime.

But in an era where left wing groups are increasingly violent and radicalized, this is probably a necessary step.

8 Responses to Trump Lifts Ban on Military Gear for Police

  1. Time to put an end to violent protests! Put them in Jail!

    Is Trump still in the game after losing so many conservatives last week?

    More War – whats the goal?

  2. The biggest tank or the most powerful weapon won’t protect “minority communities” from violence when the minority (Blacks) are the very ones committing crimes.
    For Pete’s Sake, who are the “flash mobs” robbing commercial stores, who are the drive-by shooters, what group of people are prone to rioting, burning and looting if something happens to one of them?
    I’m too old to be the PC monitor, so call it like it is – the minority communities should be responsible for their own safety by outing all of the known criminals in their midst instead of refusing to aid the police.

    • “…rioting, burning and looting…” their OWN neighborhoods/ghettos if you have not noticed.

      Shows how ‘smart’ they are…they get pissed off at the racist “White Man”, so they destroy their own homes & local businesses.

    • I listen, occasionally, to police calls on my internet radio from Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Baltimore, NYC and a number of other Democrat-ruled cities. The inner neighborhoods of these cities are war zones. Robberies, gang member fights, rapes, domestic battery, shootings, knife attacks, attacks with baseball bats, murders, stolen cars, drug dealers on the run, people fighting in the streets–everything you could imagine is going on at a constant rate. It just never stops.

      Chicago, in particular, is a problem. My radio picks up only a couple of districts in that city, but I tell you it is non-stop violence. One call after the other and sometimes there are so many calls to the dispatcher they just override each other. Weekends, in particular. It is a full blown war going on in these inner cities. There is no hope for these inner cities.

  3. It’s the drug organizations that are forcing the police to militarize, not demonstrators. MS-13 and its American counterparts have serious weaponry.

    I wish the police did not have to do this, but they do if their enemies have already taken the step.