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Antifa Attack Peaceful Trump Supporters in Berkeley

If you were wondering what President Trump meant when he blamed “both sides’ for violence in Charlottesville earlier this month, here’s what he meant.

Those attacked were not white supremacists. They were merely Trump supporters. This is pretty chilling.

From reports by the Associated Press and the Washington Post:

Their faces hidden behind black bandannas and hoodies, about 100 anarchists and antifa— “anti-fascist” — members barreled into a protest Sunday afternoon in Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park.

Jumping over plastic and concrete barriers, the group melted into a larger crowd of around 2,000 that had marched peacefully throughout the sunny afternoon for a “Rally Against Hate” gathering.

Shortly after, violence began to flare. A pepper-spray-wielding Trump supporter was smacked to the ground with homemade shields. Another was attacked by five black-clad antifa members, each windmilling kicks and punches into a man desperately trying to protect himself. A conservative group leader retreated for safety behind a line of riot police as marchers chucked water bottles, shot off pepper spray and screamed, “Fascist go home!”

Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood said officers were told not to actively confront the anarchists. He applauded officers’ restraint, saying it forestalled greater violence. Six people suffered injuries, including two who were hospitalized, and one officer was injured while making an arrest and several others were hit with paint.

There were 13 arrests on various charges including, assault with a deadly weapon.

Trump’s gravest sins with regard to the Charlottesville violence were that he did not specifically condemn white supremacists and that he suggested there were good people among them, evidence of which I haven’t seen. But he was not wrong to call out both sides. And as far as I can tell, the instigators of violence, in general, have been on the Left, among the antifa. They are the latest incarnation of leftist radicalism that seeks to foment anarchy and violence and undermine the republic. Certainly, they are successfully quashing free speech, given the original rally by conservatives in Berkeley was canceled due to fear of violence.

And what is this about police being ordered not to confront the antifa? Imagine if a police chief had told his officers not to stop white supremacist from attacking people.

18 Responses to Antifa Attack Peaceful Trump Supporters in Berkeley

  1. The truly surprising part is that this was actually reported in the WashPo.

    Trump erred terribly in his remarks on Charlottesville and the unforgiving media will never give him a second chance.

    What we have in ANTIFA is a semi organized group of anarchists that will rally and disrupt almost any cause that refers to liberty or freedom, regardless of the origin.

    Their right to also display free speech must be upheld; their violence must not be tolerated.


  2. We’ve been watching, listening. We see who the haters are, we hear who hurls insults, and we know who starts the violence. It’s no surprise that the left/Dems are trying to undermine our democracy and everything we hold dear about our beloved country.
    When did it start? Was it Obama’s sly remarks about “guns and religion”, was it Hillary’s “deplorables”, maybe it was the “pussy hat” marchers. All championed by the MSM as anti-everything deplorable and evil even though the evil hatred comes from those attacking peaceful marchers or Trump supporters.
    Mayors and police chiefs can tell their police to stand-down, to allow any attack to proceed so as not to offend the evil and deceptive anti-facists, that’s their right. Why they do this is curious – are they afraid of negative press, of offending prominent haters of Trump, or do they believe that silencing fellow American citizens is patriotic?

    • I am a proud US Navy Veteran, a well read & thoughtful conservative/”republican”, anti-Obama, anti-left-“democrat”/anti-socialist…
      And I have been attacked & called so many ‘hate speech’ names, but nowadays that is cool & hip to attack anyone who opposes this ignorant, hateful, political “Left/democrat” in the USA nowadays.

    • Never forget – when 100, or 100,000 people march and hurl insults, and create violence, there are 310,000,000 Americans who are going about their lives in a peaceful and lawful manner.
      While it seems the MSM/Dems are trying to start a revolution or civil war, the quiet citizen arms himself, bides his time and knows right will prevail.

    • And they are the Chinese Red Guard who were the scourage of China for a while. They grabbed people and shamed and beat them. The Antifarts are no different.

  3. “that he suggested there were good people among them, evidence of which I haven’t seen.”

    I generally agree with you, Greg, but truly, wasn’t Heather Heyer a good person? The entire Charlottesvile ‘rally’ looked to me like a set up, from the former ‘Occupy Wall St’ ringleader, Jason Kessler, to the one sided coverage. For over a year now, Trump supporters have been beaten in multiple cities, San Jose, Chicago, and as of yesterday, Berkeley. All week long local Bay Area news channels portrayed the prayer rally as Right wing racists (in the words of Mayor Lee). When yesterday’s violence was completely one sided, the local news channel (Murdoch owned, KTVU) only shared helicoptor film, inferred that both sides were violent. It would seem the ‘powers that be’ have a plan for us, and it is not looking pretty.

  4. “…it forestalled greater violence”

    I disagree. The ‘kid gloves’ approach to the left’s violent tantrums only encourages more violence. We pay the police to enforce the laws. If they see an assault, they need to make an arrest. The context is irrelevant, whether it be an ‘antifa’ crash event or a kid’s softball game. This situational ethics approach to law enforcement is a bunch of crap, and it is just playing right into the hands of the violent left.

  5. “Trump’s gravest sins with regard to the Charlottesville violence were that he did not specifically condemn white supremacists and that he suggested there were good people among them, evidence of which I haven’t seen.”

    He wasn’t saying there were good people among white supremacists. He was saying there were good people present at Charlottesville who merely wanted to protest the taking down of a statue. Not everyone there was a white supremacist. Your statement acts like Trump was saying that in an ALL-white-supremacist group, there were good people; that’s not what he was saying at all.

  6. It’s interesting that the MSM doesn’t give this the coverage it deserves.
    Anarchists break up meeting which had a permit.

    MSM seems to look the other way when Antifa anarchists attack those meeting
    with a permit. What do the Antifa anarchists want?

    This reminds me of the early l920’s in Germany. With the ongoing clashes
    between the Fascists and the Communists. Rosa Luxemburg was the historical
    figure that stands out from this time.

    Subject: Black-clad anarchists storm Berkeley rally, assaulting 5

  7. 1. Trump was saying that there are good people among those who oppose removing historic statues.
    2. I don’t understand why the police let these antifarts hide their faces.
    3. And I sure don’t understand this — “Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood said officers were told not to actively confront the anarchists.”