As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Trump Rally in Phoenix, Arizona, August 22, 2017

Here’s a video of the rally.

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6 Responses to Live Stream || Trump Rally in Phoenix, Arizona, August 22, 2017

  1. Phoenix said – “hello, antifa rioters. You’re not welcome here. Our police will not allow any of you to cause trouble, but will keep you in a safe place. Have a safe trip home.”

    How this day and rally must confound the MSM with their faux “polls” who think most of America just hate MrTrump and don’t support anything he does or says.
    Unless Phoenix or greater Arizona is the ultimate outlier, Americans know what is going on in DC and who the traitors are.

    As for Sen Flake – two faced, double talking speeches won’t do it this time.
    You’re on notice because we noticed what you did or didn’t do.

  2. I listened to what the President of the United States had to say tonight in Phoenix.
    He spent 30+ mins declaring war on the media. He threatened to shut down the government if he doesn’t get funding for his wall. He painted himself as the victim in Charlottesville while failing to say the name of the one true victim: Heather Heyer. He touted his unprecedentedly minimal legislative achievements while attacking Obama, Democrats, and even Republican senators, calling them obstructionists.

    Our President continued to sow division one night after calling for national unity. That makes two Mondays in a row he has read from a teleprompter, and two Tuesdays in a row he has told us what he actually thinks.

    One can only imagine what he’ll do or say next Tuesday. But, if the pattern continues, it will likely be an unhinged display of incompetence, insensitivity, and delusion.

    • Tyrese, give it up. No-one here cares about your opinion. Go back to worshipping Obama, who “touted his unprecedentedly minimal legislative achievements”, who sowed division, and who couldn’t string a coherent sentence together without his constant use of a teleprompter.

      • “..touted his unprecedentedly minimal legislative achievements” “..who couldn’t string a coherent sentence together without his constant use of a teleprompter.” LoL.
        Seems like you are mixing up former president with the current one.

        One thing you cannot accuse Obama is of him being a bad public speaker. He was VERY eloquent. One of the reasons he has an approval ratings of over 60%(and its higher abroad).
        Unlike Trump who has no attention span, cannot spell correctly and meanders about. Even hardcore supporters left his rally early yesterday…lol

        As for Obama’s achievements. Lets start with ACA, TARP, Bin Laden, DREAMers etc etc.
        He has deported more people than any administration(one thing that lefties really hated)..

        Your turn. Has ACA been repealed yet? Has the wall being built yet? Is Afghan war being ended?
        Country is waiting with bated breath for *any* campaign promise to be fulfilled…

        • ACA is the first “achievement” on your list? Brilliant. Please discuss its future, in detail.

          And do some research on how the Obama administration defined “deportations” – you may learn something.

          And finally, read Keith’s ebook…it will educate you beyond your copy & paste talking points.