In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Trump Schedule || Wednesday, August 16, 2017

2:00 pm || Departs Trump Tower
2:45 pm || Arrives Trump National Golf Course – Bedminster, New Jersey
4:00 pm || Signs H.R. 3218, The Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2017; Trump National Golf Course; Bedminster, New Jersey

All times Eastern

17 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Wednesday, August 16, 2017”

    1. As long as the far left keeps getting it’s way with the approval of the MSM and various Democrats and Republicans they will keep doing their dirty deeds and causing trouble.

      1. Today’s “democrats” are nothing god damn Socialists.
        Today’s “democratic youth” are easily becoming neo-Red Guards.

  1. #trump #msm #antifa
    Time to find out who is leading and funding this group. The KKK & others on the rad right r known. Time to Out #antifa !

  2. Another False flag stage event? A few hundred paid protesters control the media for a few days.
    Chump change for the Soros group.

    1. Exactly. The Big Battle, the Front Line of the political/cultural conflict, what the corporate media spotlight will highlight and what the same media wants to keep hidden from the American people–the point of all this media malarkey– is this: the complete take over of the public discussion, the controlled, one-sided narrative about all issues. It’s precisely the same motivation and cultural fascism we note in the “political correctness” of our era. It’s linguistic programming. It’s thought control. It’s shaming those who have different, contrary opinions.

      Soros and his affiliates and other similar organizations are spending millions to control the narrative–what shows up in the headlines, how they are framing their Trump narrative, what is permitted and what is forbidden from the marketplace of ideas and the mandated rhetoric with which our national issues will be discussed (or not discussed). Etc.

      It’s the Germany and Italy and Japan of the 1930’s, and it is all extremely dangerous for our Republic.

      1. Marcus, yes the anti-Trump forces are controlling the narrative and the echoes bounce all over the world. What happenened in Charlottesville is called “The Nazi-demonstrations that resulted in the murder of one woman”. I believe that is far from the truth.
        However, I think the events in US very much resemble the Cultural Revolution in Red China. The Red Guards are taking over the place. You will probably see a lot more statues removed, monuments destroyed and history rewritten. So sad.

    2. Vice President Pence is in Chile and he just said “We will not allow the few to divide the many” I don’t know what the question was because I had just turned on the TV but that was his answer. We are praying for you VP Pence and Prez Trump!!

  3. The celebrity – corporate & leader types that Trump deals with as president are the same ones who finance the directors, mob-actors, mind-controlled killers, blood & gore & medic props for their 100’s year long reality tv (an oxymoron of the 1st rank) show with its countless spin-offs all to keep Christ dead as mandated by the texts that desecrate Him to which they ascribe!

    1. He blames the CEOs who were leaving for making stuff outside of US. Why didn’t he pressure them to manufacture in US when they were on the council? Also, Trump stuff is still made outside of US. Why doesn’t he lead by example?

        1. jimg,
          lol…but he’s 71. So now would be a good time to start something he should have started long ago! Like I said, lead by example. But ofcourse, he won’t.

        2. Well, he talked tough enough when running for office. Something more substantial could have been accomplished in the almost seven months that he’s been in office.
          If you start covering for him, you’re no better than the Lefties did for Obama.

      1. I thought the Left wanted him to divest all of his business holdings…but now you want him to use his business holdings to lead by example? Which one is it??

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