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Trump Must Condemn White Supremacists Who Invaded Charlottesville

In a contemptible sin of omission, President Trump Saturday failed to single out the hatred of white supremacists who descended on Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend in a rally that ended up in violence that left three people dead, including one who died in an act of domestic terrorism when a car rolled into a crowd and two police officers whose helicopter crashed.

No doubt, Trump is correct in condemning “hate on all sides,” as he did in a tweet Saturday. Hatred and violence that emanate from the Left is somehow viewed as either justified or the act of lone, deranged people. Barack Obama needs to think about his role in fostering racial division and attacks against police by his own statements and offers of sympathy for those who committed violence even before the facts were in.

But Saturday, white supremacists, some of whom were wearing Trump’s hats, basked in their own evil in Charlottesville. He needs to make clear he has nothing to do with them and that he doesn’t want their votes. And if his failure to speak is driven by a craven desire for these people’s political support, then he is hardly the fearless leader he claims to be.

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  1. Where’s the sauce for the gander? Black Lives Matter riot, demonstrate as they please and don’t even get their hands (metaphorically) slapped. Fair is fair and what would be fair would be if all of the demonstraters and haters got over themselves and acted like rational human beings.

  2. In today’s political climate, White people (especially White men) are to viewed as the root of all evil, all dastardly deeds, and must be condemned by others.
    How strong a message did then PresObama pass out to the Black Lives Matter people when they chanted “kill the police”, or when Hillary called half of American citizens “deplorable”?
    Right. Silence.
    Rational people don’t endorse the actions of the few who chant slogans meant to demean others, but the marginalized have a right to speak their mind, they have the right to assemble, and they have the right to march without interference from others who disagree.

    There would have been no news, nothing to write about if the anti-protesters had allowed their fellow citizens to march in peace.
    No POTUS must condemn anyone for their beliefs, only their actions when unlawful.
    MrTrump is not the villain here.

    1. When there are these “White/KKK” type gatherings in a city, do not the local-state police make sure both sides (KKK vs. anti-protesters) are separated-segregated…?

      Why did the local police allow these two groups to confront each other…???

  3. This was a false flag gas lighting attack to smear trump and his supporters as nazis. There were clearly paid protestors and agitators, a stand down order, and the media was all in on it.

    They’ve been doing this via Bob Cramer for years now and the fact you can’t see it means I’ll never visit your website again.

  4. Careful now with early judgments. Trump is right to wait for all the facts. First: We now know that there were THREE cars involved. The ‘supposed’ car that caused this actually rear-ended the first two and pushed the an SUV into the crowd. Video shows that driver was attempting to escape rock throwing protestors.

    Second, the ‘Supremacists’ had legal permits to march while the ‘counter’ protestors (Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA did not). But two thirds of the way through their legal march, the Police declared it illegal and broke Supremacists up. The Police then drove them (with pepper spray) into the BLM & ANTIFA groups. What does one think will happen when you do this?

    Wearing a Trump hat is not illegal but covering ones face as some BLM and ANTIFA did IS illegal in Virginia. Police didn’t enforce their own Virginia laws in this regard.

    Carefully watching several of the videos one gets the distinct impression the Virginia Police let things get out of control and failed to protect all citizens.

    PS Trump did as you suggested at 10:40 am today.

  5. “when a car rolled into a crowd….”

    …..that was on the roadway……

    Keith is not alone in this… others have written it as a car went into a crowd…like it jumped the curb and went into the grassy area and ran over a bunch of picnic goers.

    Not saying it is right at all — please — but it should at the very least acknowledge that the crowd was on the roadway

    I can hear my dad’s voice…. “Well – I understand. If you weren’t standing in the middle of the road you would not have been hit either. Use your head next time don’t put yourself in a spot where you can get hurt”

    I have said to my kids less diplomatically — “Stay off the damn road because there are crazy people and you might get hit. Dont be a dummy”

    1. You made excellent point! The cars were where they should have been, why wasn’t traffic diverted? No protesting group (of either spectrum) has the right to block a public thoroughfare or a highway, for the simple reason that cars, trucks, ambulances and fire personnel have priority. If you play in the street, expect to get hurt.

  6. There was a demonstration, lawful as far as I have read, the demonstrators were attacked by counter-demonstrators and then the car plowed into these people.I think that Trumps comment was accurate under these circumstances.
    “We all must be united and condemn all that hate stands for….Let´s unite together.” I think it is a well measured statement. What would Obama have said ? I guess he would have another of his biased, pompous statements, the sort of statement that really was hurtful and kindled and inflamed racial anger. No, I think that Trump tried to be a unifying leader here. MSM always focus on violence from the rightists and ignore the violence from the leftists, over here as well as in the US. Leaders shouldn´t take sides here. Trump is right.

    1. Keith is so wrong again. He doesn’t even know what really happened, he believes the fake news. That is all it is. The whites weren’t fighting with themselves? It took 2 or more groups? Come out under your rock.

  7. Mike Huckabee hit it right on the nose last night. He said it doesn’t matter what Trump said or didn’t say someone out there is going to tear him apart about it.

    1. Almost all the media has a mob mentality. Easier to follow the crowd than stand up and stand out. Where once independent thought and action was valued, it is now the norm to “conform”. In many cases, it resembles sheep following a goat off a cliff.

  8. You are right that Trump is not the “fearless leader” he claims to be. I think most of us understood that from the get go. If you look at everything he’s done over the past six months, what is most obvious is that he’s shied away from promises he made during the campaign.

    The violence in Charlottesville is the sole and only fault of White supremacists, neo-Nazis who all tout (as we saw from David Duke) their support for President Trump.

    His inability to speak up against these groups (attributing their distaste for white supremacists to an “unnamed source” is disgusting) is EXTREMELY telling. We now know what groups are in control at the White House. It’s not Republicans, it’s not economic nationalists. They are racial nationalists and neo-Nazis, it is clear now.

      1. Can’t tell if you’re saying I’m the loon, or President Trump. I’m guessing I am, but would love to hear a cogent argument as to why. This discussion is important, and I like to think I can take criticism and accept when I’m wrong.

        1. I love Trump – Putin sends out 700+ diplomats and instead of crying like a baby he THANKS Putin for saving him the dough. Classic “Up Yours” attitude..

          We need more

          Damn the Torpedoes – Full steam ahead…

          Or Nuts! (WWII quote)…

          People that stuck up for things. Trump does that.

          I am happy to have him as our president.

    1. Well, you already have your mind made up!
      Did you ever make such condemnatory remarks about Obama and his absolute lack of criticism of the BLM movement, or Antifa? I doubt it.

      1. Trouble, don’t forget Robert Byrd, the late Democrat senator from WV. He created a new chapter of the KKK in Sophia, West Virginia. He was “crowned” Exaulted Cyclops for that! Funny, the Democrats had no problems with him, nor did they ever ask him to resign his senate seat.

    2. They are racial nationalists and neo-Nazis, it is clear now.

      If everybody is a racial nationalist and neo-nazi, they nobody is.

      Your stupid Nazi card is played out, boy. Put up or shut up.

  9. I can’t agree. The problem is on both sides. No different than the Nazi’s who paraded in Skokie (and still march),this has yet to be shown, as far as I can tell, as an act of extreme right violence. That written, Charlottesville should carry a lot of the blame for not preparing adequately to separate the two groups, and the leftists – Antifa and others – counter-protested without permit. If Trump states he is against the extremists from the right AND the left, he’ll be vilified by the liberal left. If he simply denounces the right, he’s given tacit approval to the left.

  10. Sorry, but after Ferguson, Eric Garner, Baltimore, Mizzou, Trump’s cancelled rally in Chicago, another Trump rally in San Jose being met with violence, Philando, Milwaukee, Charlotte, Dakota Access, pretty much all of November 2016, the violence at the inauguration, the Milo riots at Berkeley, the March 4 Trump riots in Berkeley, the Ann Coulter riots at Berkeley, the Murray riot at Middlebury, Evergreen State, and more leftist riots that I’ve probably forgotten…you’ll have to excuse me if I’m not exactly falling all over myself to give a flying fettuccine about Charlottesville.

    1. Well said, Darkangel! While two wrongs will never make a right, the left has a far, far longer list of violent riots and antisocial behaviour than does the right, and Trump supporters.

    2. Amen Darkangel… the hypocrisy of everyone on the democrat-liberal-progressive-left & “MSM” & all the millions of ignorant, clueless “citizens” in-between is nauseating.

  11. What has happened to you, Keith? Do you really think Trump wants the votes of sick hating groups?

    Obviously, the President was remembering how his supporters were BEATEN by leftists when peacefully exiting his rallies and how THE LEFT burned property to prevent free speech.

    Trump is exactly right to shove in the Progs’ faces that violence and promotion of violence comes from all sides. His words about how Americans need to love one another were inspiring, but only this jacked up MSM fake news “controversy” is getting attention. And you’ve just helped it along.

    1. Last year (Election 2016) I had multiple accounts of vandalism & violence against my property (yard signs and my car) for expressing my pro-Trump views in my neighborhood.

  12. Is there evidence of any white supremacists visiting the White House during President Trump’s term? If I recall, Obama met with BLM leaders, assorted Leftist/Marxist radicals and agitators, anti-Semites, and known anti-law enforcement activists. Where was the outrage? Where was the MSM??

    1. ~I dare Keith to ask some of his fellows who were part of that useless “WH press corps” under Obama (2008-2016)
      Hell, that “WH press corps” never got ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ grades/GPA/papers from Columbia or Harvard Law, or what he did as a “community organizer from Chicago”.
      Yet, every MSM outlet in the USA seems to know what everything the current President Donald J. Trump has done since his birth…?

      1. If the lying media could get a sonogram photograph of DJT sticking his middle finger at blacks and illegals, while in utero, you know they would plaster it everywhere on MSNBC, CNN, ABC! NBC, etc..

  13. The organizers had a legal permit and a right to be there,just as the Nazis who marched in was Terry McAuliffe who set up the ambush by fascists and MauMau who were given the chance to bloody white people without police interference.I have a first hand account from a citizen of Charlottesville who said the ‘anti-protesters’ outnumbered the white separatists by about 20-1.Every white victim of black violence will be blamed on us and President Trump in particular,since he’s the Head Racist now.

  14. When did Obama ever call out leftist hate or Jihadi terrorism by name? I don’t recall the former President calling out a certain threatening group carrying batons and standing outside of a Philadelphia voting location. He never called out ISIS or the Muslim Brotherhood either, nor did he call out the violence committed by his dear friends Bill Ayres and BLM. Obama invited members of BLM to the White House. Hate is hate, what happened in Virginia is just as evil as what happened in Seattle, Berkeley and at a Trump rally in Chicago. How is it that any lawful demonstration by white conservatives or NRA members is bad speech, yet any non-permitted demonstrations with accompanied violence by leftists, blacks & illegals is good speech?

  15. Right wing hate groups support Trump strongly.
    MUCH stronger than average Republicans who have decency. With low popularity and crumbling base,
    It is vital for Trump not to criticize/offend right wing hate groups.
    But the pressure from decent Americans is just too great that Trump has no choice to keep retreating each time with the hope that he does not have to give away too much ground….

    1. Tyrese: regarding your info about which “hate groups” support President Trump, send us a link. Don’t think one exists, but willing to keep an open mind. What is known and documented on White House visitor logs, are visits to President Obama by Bill Ayres, an avowed terrorist of the Weather Underground, the Muslim Brotherhood, Black Panthers BLM, and Robert Creamer, a convicted criminal who unabashedly admitted to stirring up violence directed at Trump supporters.

      1. @Oklahoma Lady: I’m referring to KKK, David Duke, Richard Spencer and his ilk, Daily Stormer etc. Who do you think align with?

        If Obama met with those folks – its wrong, plain and simple. Speaking of WH logs, atleast Obama opened it up. Current WH don’t release the logs:

        I wonder what do they have to hide?

        Also, at some point, Trump supporters need to get over the “Obama did this, Obama did that..” mentality and accept what is wrong.

        1. They won’t release the visitor logs because SEIU would use them as a one-stop shop for all their on-the-lawn mob actions.

          If you leftist jerkwads hadn’t shown such utter disregard for time, place, and manner, you might actually have gotten to see those logs.

          But noooooo, you malcontents had to riot on Greg Baer’s front lawn and traumatize his teenage son. And then, a few months later, you all did it again, to a developer who wanted to build a Walmart in DC.

          Your side has demonstrated, through its actions, that it cannot be trusted with personal information, particularly information on persons with whom it disagrees.

          The White House knows damn well what you’ll do with those logs: doxxing, Twitter mobs, the whole God-forsaken SJW playbook.

          Maybe if, let’s say, Justine had gotten to land in peace, then maybe the White House might not be telling you chowderheads to go kick rocks.

          You made your bed of roses, now go lie in it. I’ll be happy to supply the coumadin if you need any.

          Sod off, swampy.

          1. oOOoo…President Bigly can’t handle protests, btw which is why he also canceled his UK trip.
            Nah, its none of the reasons that you cite, but the same reason he is not releasing his tax returns – too many connections to Russians and other shady characters.
            Btw, in case you weren’t aware, doxxing, trolling isn’t limited to “leftist jerks”. Here’s proof:

        2. You say Trump supporters have to get over saying “Obama did this or that…”. Funny, but did you say the same thing when Obama’s blamed everything on Republicans or George Bush, the younger? I’m sure that if the KKK or Nazis visited the Trump White House, the media who are constantly camped there would’ve taken a photo, as would anti-Trump spies. As for my alignment, I’m an American who loves my country and wants what’s best for it. Donald Trump was not my first choice originally. As the election process continued, and the fear that “Pickles” might possibly win, I voted for President Trump. I stand by my choice and wish the Repugnant Party would support him in his effort to protect our nation and see all of it’s citizens prosper.

    2. Why tear down statutes that are part of history. I bet Keith is on their side too? How about tearing down Robert E. Lee’s statue? Boggles the mind that the blacks and other anti-American communists/socialists have a say in that, considering that we are not a communist/socialist country, who gives them the right to win a case against our landmark statues, not matter how the Civil War turned out? We lost a lot of white American boys fighting for the black people in the Civil War? Do they even have the brainpower,compassion, empathy, or even plain common sense intelligenc to appreciate the loss of life fighting for the black people? No one has the right to take down our statues no matter whose side they were on. You can’t change history and America should not be changed either. Wake up Keither, you are very one-sided, and sounded so stupid in your words.

      1. Stalin and Mao changed “history”…the fact that these anti-American groups (led by today’s Democrat-socialists) are allowed such free & popular reign nowadays, especially in today’s “media” is very Orwellian.

    3. “Right wing hate groups support Trump strongly.”

      You know what? I hate leftists like you far, far more than I support Trump.

      How ‘about them apples?

      You want hate? You got it.

      1. @jimg,
        Perhaps you should reread my comment again. I’m not sure how you concluded that I asked for hate? Please do explain, I’m happy to stand corrected.

  16. In another thread I thought you took this one out as I couldn’t find it again for a while. I see you left all the criticisms of yourself in. I still say, I can’t believe you actually believe that it was all Nazis out there in Charlottesville? Don’t you investigate and go deeper into things before YOU make racist statements? How dare you join the communits/socialists and the rhino republicans who are just trying to get Trump out so that they can keep spending taxpayer money on themselves and do very little work! You don’t realize Keith that they will say anything and twist anything to keep their no-show jobs? Wake up and smell the coffee, its not about the Nazi’s at all. And besides, this white group had a permit, the Black Lives Movement and other commie groups had no permit and the cops and the mayor/governor should have kept the commies out without a permit and/or at least separated them and three people would still be alive today! I give up on Keith, I just can’t believe the hypocrisy of him and the Rhino republicans and the lefties who set fires and may have even murdered for an election.

  17. If I’ve learned one thing about this whole Charlottesville incident?

    The virtue signalling on the right is just as disgusting as it is on the left.

    These people had a permit. They have the right to protest – and yes – even hate.

    If the fifth-column left had simply adhered to the law and ignored the permitted group, none of this would’ve happened.

    None of it.

    The law simply cannot treat people differently due to their politics. Do that? And you have war.

    A real war.

  18. Trump is quick to condemn everything under the sun – Morning show hosts, CNN, Mayor of London, Nordstorm, things that didn’t happen…etc etc. *except* Vladimir Putin and White Supremacists.

    Thanks to the author of this blog for taking a principled stand!

    1. Keith didn’t take a principled stand! What he did do, was to take the GOP-lite’s stand of capitulation and appeasement.

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