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Koffler Writing Bannon Bio and WHD Will Not Publish This Week

I am currently working on a biography of Steve Bannon. To finish it, I’m going to stop publishing White House Dossier this week. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will be returning soon, thank you for your patience.

The Bannon book is already available for sale on Amazon. Purchase your pre-order copy here. Or click on this:

I’m going to keep this message at the top of the page while I’m away and post Trump’s schedule below it each day.


22 Responses to Koffler Writing Bannon Bio and WHD Will Not Publish This Week

  1. While we don’t really “know” you, it’s still exciting to be around when genius is at work.

    We’ll be tidy, mostly anyway.
    Keep working.

  2. A wise quote for Trump while he golfs away this week and next:
    “Love your enemies, for they tell you your faults.” – Benjamin Franklin

  3. Going to miss you Keith.
    I hope everyone still comments on anything that strikes their heart.
    If not, I’ll miss you guys and gals.
    Come back soon Keith.

  4. FBI raided ex-manager of Trump’s campaign.
    I’m getting a sinking feeling that impeachment is in the works.
    Especially because the FBI, etc., seem completely uninterested in Lynch, Hillary, Huma, etc., even though the wrongdoing there is so obvious and the evidence right to hand.

    • I agree – we’re witnessing a coup led by the MSM and Deep State. If they force Trump out, Pence will be next on their list…all because their candidate lost! This treasonous act of overturning the will of the people doesn’t portend well for the future of the country and its presidential elections. If the losing side can stomp its feet and protest long enough to accomplish this much (Special Counsels, FBI raids, leaks, et al) in a mere six months, we are truly doomed.

  5. You have been our host for so long time. Thank you for all these years.We have had many “dinner conversations” at your place.
    Best of luck with the book, Bannon cannot be the easiest of subjects. But very interesting, of course.

  6. Keith — Could you put out here a paragraph or two from the book sometime for all of us to see… then we could all be junior editors and give you ideas on how to make it better and then we’d all buy the book to find the final version of the paragraph to see if our edits were used.

    Or send us out on a fact checking item… Tell us what to research and we’ll do that.

    To be clear the ‘we’ I refer to might not include me but you get the picture, right?

  7. Get the story right! 90% of what we hear about Bannon is complete Bravo Sierra.
    He is a total Patriot and loves this country!! I used to listen to him regularly on XM. All the folks at Breitbart are people of character, just their founder Andrew, God rest his soul.