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Trump Schedule || Monday, August 7, 2017

President Trump is at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey on what the White House describes as a “working vacation.” He has no publicly scheduled events.

6 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Monday, August 7, 2017”

    1. He and his family managed to fit in quite a few vacays. No one can say the Obamas were short-changed in this arena — they had the opportunist’s gift of knowing how to work the perks.

  1. Thank you for providing news of our President daily. It has been very helpful.
    Interesting how the congress managed to confirm approximately 54 people in 3 days preceding their summer break. It proves they can do it when they want to. I get information from Wikipedia – Donald Trump Appointments, and the progress through the process to confirmation. I get my news from the computer. Over 30 independent news channels.

    1. Call your reps and tell them that you did not vote for a Republican Presidential candidate, you voted for Donald Trump and if they do not start publicly supporting the Trump agenda and administration, you may not ever vote Republican again.

  2. I never watch CNN for the news but they DO have some good specials and documentaries on once in a while.

    So tonight at 9:00 they are having a documentary called “Why Trump Won” I think it will be interesting to see “their” view point.

  3. I hope the family enjoys their vacation and I hope meanwhile at the White House all the listening devices are found and destroyed. I wonder how many of them were put in by the politicized FBI for the Obama admin’s use when Trump’s administration began?

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