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Sessions: “This Nation Must End this Culture of Leaks”

I’ve never seen anythink like this. It’s like a candy store for journalists.

It’s so obvious that people within the administration with allegiance to Barack Obama are trying to take this White House down. The press claims the Trump people are leaking against each other, which may be true, but I doubt it goes as far as people are saying. You risk your job by leaking against other White House officials, and it’s not worth it.

But if you’re an Obama holdover and you are probably on the way out anyway, then treason looks good. I mean, what else would one call the leaking of Trump’s entire phone calls with the Mexican and Australian leaders. How can the president function if foreign leaders know their remarks to him are going to be come public? But it’s much more fun for the press to portray the White House as Game of Thrones than accuse Obama supporters of perfidy.

Add in the obvious contempt for which Hillary Clinton held classified information, and her ability to get away with mishandling it, and leaking becomes even easier.

6 Responses to Sessions: “This Nation Must End this Culture of Leaks”

  1. Duped his supporters in believing that wall will get built. Now, he begs Mexican president to not mention that they won’t be paying for it. SAD!

  2. I hope & pray Chief of Staff Kelly will really take a machete to the upper levels of staff at WH NSC (and help clean out State, Defense, CIA, FBI, Justice etc.) and clean out the dozens/hundreds of Obama holdovers that are polluting the upper levels of US Government.

  3. It’s obvious that tapping Presidential phone calls can only be done by advanced technical skills. Not something that any of the staffers at the White House would possess. No this looks like the work of the NSA and other members of the deep state. So I agree the president is going to have to clean out those Obama holdovers who are active. The leaking started almost from the moment that he won the presidency. The deep state is deeply afraid & feels threatened by President Trump. Trump must use his power to show the deep state who’s in charge. If the deep state wins, then we have witnessed a coup. This must not be allowed to happen!

    Yes, it is tragic.I get depressed when reading about the goings on in Washington , treason and coup attempt in the bright sunlight for all to see. Isn´t this an enormous contempt for the voters and the voting process ? Is the US becoming a One Party system ? If media had gone after the Obama administration with just an ounze of the same energy, Obama would never have survived.
    And please check my link, there was collusion between FBI, media and Lynch to bury stories about the Lynch-Clinton meeting on the tarmac in Phoenix. Unfortunately for these people there are pictures and these won´t disappear in the age of the Internet.