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Republican Declaration of Independence From Trump a Brewing Disaster

Democrats love to think of themselves as cantankerous, ornery, and independent, but when it comes to falling into line, nobody does it better.

They marched in lockstep with Barack Obama on health care, which they had to in order to pass the bill, even though it wasn’t perfect for many of them. It wasn’t single payer, for one, but they took what they could get. Democrats used to do the same thing for Bill Clinton. Not a single Democratic senator voted to convict him after his impeachment.

But Republicans today are scattering, frightened that their own reelection prospects are threatened and holding personal animuses toward Trump. I think that’s what drove McCain’s vote against Obamacare repeal – Trump’s campaign comment that he likes people who weren’t captured. And yet Trump himself almost always forgives his adversaries, even putting Reince Priebus, who opposed him, in as chief of staff at the beginning of his administration.

The newspapers today are filled with Republicans saying things like “That’s a good thing, right?” – a comment to Politico by South Dakota Sen. John Thune, the third-ranking GOP leader, about moves to establish more congressional independence from Trump. “It’s important that Congress assert its authorities under the Constitution and be an equal branch of the government.”

So all of a sudden it’s about high principles. But by abandoning Trump, Republicans are abandoning the conservative base that put him in the presidency. Not repealing Obamacare is a non-starter. It’s what they were elected to do. If Republicans decide to go to war with Trump, or even just oppose him too often or on key votes, they will lose their seats, and possibly their majorities, as GOP voters figure it doesn’t matter much wither they go to the polls or not.

Let’s see. I hate cliches, but so many come to mind given how obvious and even pedestrian this mistake is.

Digging your own grave.

Shooting yourself in the foot.

Cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Yup, yup, yup.

6 Responses to Republican Declaration of Independence From Trump a Brewing Disaster

  1. The feckless GOP and especially the RINOs have created a conundrum for the voter.

    If enough RINOs are voted out, we run a chance of losing the majority and the dems will then run roughshod over Trump.
    Sad to say that that is almost what we have now given the fact that the reps have no spine and are completely in the grips of the uniparty.

    They should all be challenged by conservative candidates however, if there are too many challengers we run the risk of dividing the vote and the RINO will win.

    On the dem side, our only hope is to defeat as many as possible thereby decreasing their numbers, especially in the senate.

    2018 is going to be a watershed election, critical to allow Trump to further his agenda.

    The reps blew it on the health care issue. It no longer is a viable platform to run on.

    If they pass income tax reform they will use that to get re-elected.
    But history dictates that at least 75% of them can’t be trusted so there’s that.
    And the Trump obstruction should be front and center in the minds of each voter come election day.

    From my travels on the internet I think that the electorate is more informed and determined to clean the deadbeats from congress than they have been in a long time.

    It will be interesting.

    • I have written to my representatives, one of which is Lindsey Graham, and told them they are making a huge mistake in the way they treat the President. Lindsey Graham standing there talking about legislation to stop Trump firing Mueller made me sick… We should not even have an Independent Counsel.Instead of pulling apart they need to close ranks and give Trump advice. Trump has no hard ideology and he wants to do some good things….get close to him. For God’s sake give him a chance. If the Republicans backed him they see they cure the Trump twitter rants when he feels ganged up on…

      • Cue the form letter. I have written to him to in the past. and I received a very sincere form letter making a lot of promises and asking me for money.

    • The Republicans are already disrespecting the President and refusing the respect the mandate of the people. Why should they be rewarded with reelection??? There is no point to voting them back in; we need more primary challenges and the old buzzards and leftists like McCain must go. I do not know what the alternative is at this point.

      • If the primary challengers are Trump supporters with a will to MAGA, the old guard can be removed.

        All that is needed is the resolve to make it happen at the ballot box.