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Trump: Social Media the Only Way for Me to Get the Truth Out

President Trump today indicated that the “military discipline” his new chief of staff, Retired Gen. John F. Kelly, intends to bring to the West Wing does not apply to Trump’s use of social media.

“Only the Fake News Media and Trump enemies want me to stop using Social Media (110 million people). Only way for me to get the truth out!” Trump tweeted.

The president has caused trouble for himself on Twitter, but he’s right that it allows him to connect directly with Americans, given that a third of them follow him. It’s quite possible the benefit to him of Twitter has far outweighed any damage he’s caused himself. What’s more, a lot of what the press considers “damage,” many American think is great. Trump is a real person, and Americans see that every time he tweets.

As if to make the point, Trump tweeted out the news of the stock market hitting 22,000 today.

Now, I read the newspapers. I wasn’t aware the Dow had gone up 4,000 points since Election Day. Were you? Don’t you think the media would have been all over that one if the Hope and Change president, Barack Obama, had been associated with such a momentous bull market?

15 Responses to Trump: Social Media the Only Way for Me to Get the Truth Out

  1. Re the stock market – I was aware but only since I primarily watch Fox Business. I don’t recall hearing about it whenever I watch other channels.

    While I prefer that Trump stop with the name-calling aspect of the tweets, I have to agree that his use of Twitter to point out the positive aspects of his administration as well as the negative/false aspect of the MSM news works.

    By going directly to the people, he is forcing MSM to report on what he says. However, many reports still try to spin it in the most negative manner possible.

    • That’s right Liz….we all cringe at some of his ill conceived remarks, but on the flip side, he is communicating direct with the people because the vast majority of the media will not report the real news of the day.


    • Agree on the Twitter use. Pick the targets (the issues) much more effectively. Forget taking pot shots at personalities. That just backfires and gives the media ammunition and here we go again with yet another stupid news cycle with “Did you read what Trump Tweeted about XYZ today?” Waste of time and counterproductive. Stick to the issues. Hammer the positive developments 24/7. Hammer the media for their lies and misrepresentations. Set the record straight. No one likes or believes the corporate media, so reveal their corruption every day.

  2. My neighbor is a life long Democrat. He did not vote for Trump or Hillary. He was surprised Trump won. His position at the time was give Trump a chance. He was not in the get rid of Trump camp. Recently my neighbor has changed and has doubts about Trump lasting out his term. He pointed out how Trump makes negative. insulting comments on Twitter. He has a point. Why Trump insulted McCain during the campaign knowing he might need McCain’s vote in the future is a mystery to me. What does he have to gain going after Sessions? Besides his loose cannon approach in using Twitter Trump’s big problem is he is trying to rule without a party.