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The Mooch Gets Canned

Well, that didn’t take long. Anthony Scaramucci is out. Looks like newly installed White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly wasn’t having any of that nonsense around. And neither was President Trump, who was smart to quickly reverse his mistake.

Oh, and he was a liberal Democrat.

Frome White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

Anthony Scaramucci will be leaving his role as White House Communications Director. Mr. Scaramucci felt it was best to give Chief of Staff John Kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team. We wish him all the best.

It’s significant that the announcement came from the press secretary and not the president. Trump was obviously furious with Scaramucci for the incredibly stupid, vile, and strange things he said to reporter Ryan Lizza, who frankly did the country a service by choosing to publish what the Mooch told him instead of holding onto it in order to keep a highly placed source, which some reporters would have done.

He was Uriah Heep, unctuously ingratiating himself with the president by trying to say all the things he knew Trump wanted to hear, like firing everyone who leaked. And now he can go peddle his obsequiousness and strangeness to someone else.

17 Responses to The Mooch Gets Canned

  1. Stand up and fly straight…or else.

    Could this be the Kelly effect that we need?

    Time will tell. Mooch pooched the ball, cya.


    • Yep, glad Priebus is gone. Never trusted him. Now watch the hideous (non) journalists in the MSM go wild. The sky is falling!!!! Doesn’t matter, they love 0 & Hildabeast. I got rid of cable six years ago. Never listen or see them.

  2. They can’t keep killing off the most entertaining characters and still expect me to keep watching the show! He didn’t even make it to the new SNL season! :(

  3. Considering that his ‘candidate pool’ consists of career DC pundits, I understand. Get it right President Trump!

    Go Trump!!

  4. After I retired from the Air Force, I worked in corporate America for 25 years. I immediately recognized Scaramucci’s type, and most of you recognized the type as well, no doubt. Arrogant, full of BS, swaggering around the office, terrifying the employees, backstabber, gossip monger, a general all around suck up to higher ups. Oh yes. Seen a few Mooches in my time and you have too. They are toxic to an organization. They will destroy whatever good the organization is trying to do if they think it will get them more power and money.

    Looks like Gen. Kelly also recognized what Scaramucci was all about. It appears it was just about the first action Kelly took after he got sworn into office today. So the lesson is: if you work for Trump and get paid to implement the President’s agenda, get on board with the program or you’re gone. That’s a good thing. Sends a very clear message.

    • Marcus, you are right about Scaramucci’s “type”. Nearly every head of PR/Communication I’ve known fit that description – and so did Obama’s first term guy whose name I don’t intend to recognize ever again. The difference back then was that the press never published the words used when he screamed and cussed at them -or their bosses – over some story they had written.

      Keith is right, Ryan Lizza did us all a good turn by getting it out there.

      • Yea, Mooch had to go for sure. What’s just amazing is that the guy was so stupid he didn’t realize his “style” (let’s call it that to be nice) would offend everyone and virtually guarantee his early dismissal. He was completely blind to the consequences of his actions and words.

    • Right, Well written description of these weasels that live among us. You don’t have to hunt for them. They are the first to speak, overloaded with self-importance, not a hint of humility. Kinda like Obama, McCain, Pelosi, Schumer, Gore, Buggs Bunny, you know the type.

      • Yep, just like those on your list. A lot of them have at least mild tendencies of sociopaths, and others, the really dangerous ones, have very strong tendencies that way.