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Why The Middle East Can’t Stand Obama But Loves Trump

An honest piece by Politico’s Susan Glasser, who, as far as I can tell, is no conservative and certainly no big Trump fan. She interviews Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri and gets the low down on why the Middle East didn’t respect Barack Obama and his syrupy words and lack of action, and why the do respect President Trump, despite whatever he has said about Muslims.

Obama, as the Chinese would put it, was a paper tiger on the world stage, and his disastrous foreign policy is the result. Trump is an actual tiger, like him or not.

Nice to see an MSM journalist courageous enough to buck the strictly enforced consensus that Trump can do nothing right, and that if he does, it must be caveated to the point that it seems like he did something wrong.

From the article.

On Syria, for example, Hariri says that Obama was just taken in by Assad and the Russians when he made a deal with them in 2013 to remove chemical weapons – and that Obama should have bombed Assad when the Syrian dictator crossed his “red line” by gassing his own people . . .

Now, he argues Trump has no choice but to deal with Moscow. “The main power today in Syria is Russia, so if you want to solve the issue of Syria, you’ve got to talk to the Russians,” Hariri says. “That was the unfortunate consequence of not acting. And now, since they are there, somebody has to talk to them.”

Hariri also faults Obama for the big gap between the “inspirational” words in his 2009 Cairo speech suggesting a new American approach to the region – and the “nothing” that came of Obama’s efforts to forge peace between Israel and the Palestinians. And he points out that while Arab leaders opposed President George W. Bush’s 2003 invasion of Iraq, they were also strongly against the 2011 American pullout of Iraq during Obama’s presidency, a withdrawal that many in the region believe left a dangerous vacuum eventually filled by the rise of the Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria.

“When the war started in Iraq,” Hariri tells me, “all your allies in the region told you not to go there. And when you withdrew, all your allies in the region told you not to withdraw. And all your allies in the region told you to do something about Syria, but you didn’t. So, I believe that talking to your allies, listening to your allies, they’re there. They know better.”

4 Responses to Why The Middle East Can’t Stand Obama But Loves Trump

  1. First thought: Oh, no. The Russia! Russia! thing has collapsed, so now he’s in collusion with the Arabs! *
    It’s all about respect. The Arabs respect a successful man who keeps his word. Obama was a weakling who never accomplished anything worthwhile, and his word meant nothing.
    There’s also the aspect of racism – most Arabs are biased against Blacks. The Middle East dwellers might have darker skin than the people in Ireland, but they are Whites, racially.

    For the most part, the leaders inside the Arab world don’t want the crazed Muslim gangs like ISIS and Alqeda to get any power that would disrupt their cozy world and privileges. If Our President wants to keep the Muslim gangs at bay, they’re not going to say no.

  2. Few other possible reasons:
    1)Racism, as mentioned by srdem65 above.
    2)Both have authoritarian streaks.
    3)Both share a love of gaudy things – like gold plated toilets :D