As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

11 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || July 30, 2017

  1. I don’t see how MSM can continue ignoring what is happening in Venezuela. This is a long article given as testimony before a Congressional committee. MSM will not give you background information.

    The conclusion of the testimony is that he did not see how the US could bring democracy to the world if it can’t do so in Venezuela. My view is Venezuela is a colony of Cuba. The Cuban military will end up running it. It will become a narc state.

    • The MSM is virtually useless when it comes to reporting important international news. It’s shallow or nonexistent. I rely on France24, Skye News (from the UK) and even RT (Russian television news) on occasion, though you have to use a strong filter when watching RT, as we do with US corporate media.
      They are spending most of their time (and their advertisers’ money) peddling the “Trump is failing” stories. No one is paying much attention those stories, except members of the anti-Trump cult. Readership and viewership of US corporate news is sinking like a stone, advertising revenues are plummeting, reporters are being laid off by the hundreds all over the country and 80 percent of Americans have little or no trust in the “news”, so called. But the MSM doesn’t care, apparently. It’s all very bizarre.

  2. According to the MSM opinion-ators, Our President is trapped, finished, without friends, about to be whipped by the Special Consul, and unable to get anything moved through Congress.
    There is little to nothing about the Repubs who slit their own throats when they revealed their true feelings on Obamacare and exposed the 8 years of lies they fed to their constituents.
    The Dems seem happy to have the Repubs ignore MrTrump and hope to replace him in 2020 with some of the most liberal/progressive people they can unearth.
    There is one consolation – the entertainment elites who believe they are the voice of America have been silenced – for now anyway.

    Reports are that Mueller is looking into everything about Our President from his private citizen days for a connection to Russia or some nefarious collusion to make the US a colony run by Putin. It wouldn’t seem to big a stretch to find something on a international businessman – maybe some local bribing of a paper-pusher who doesn’t want an American making money in their country, or some hand-shake deal with a dictator that involves something that would be illegal in the US.

  3. As the Trump presidency continues to fade, it will always be a mystery why he never went after the Clintons. Only he knows. Time has past

      • I just wish he would do some of the things that he promised. Particular “lock her up”. He should have and could have appointed a special prosecutor for the Clintons but didn’t I don’t know why. I had great hopes for Trump but he has let the Dems attack him 24/7. He is letting events cascade.

  4. Tough week for the president.
    1)Health care – FAIL, making him a lame duck president.
    2)Rebuked by Boy Scouts chief over his speech.
    3)Rebuked by police chiefs on his call for brutality.
    4)Military putting the transgender ban on hold for now.
    5)WH chief of staff resigns(shortest term in history – don’t forget Flynn who was forced out after just a few days).
    6)BFF Putin expels US diplomats.

    I voted from Trump, but starting to think he is too weak and cannot accomplish much. All he does is talk tough about GOP, North Korea..etc on twitter.