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Open Thread || Saturday, July 29, 2017



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  1. Back in 2016, we felt, sensed, a something going on in the country. That turned out to be support and votes for Donald Trump and a great big Drop Dead to the elites who never kept a promise.
    Today, something is happening again. There’s a quiet, a hush, that portends a change acoming again.
    I have no clue. Are we voting Dem again, do we throw out all the incumbents, have we lost all hope in government “for the people”, or is it just despair.
    If past Congresses could repeal prohibition, slavery, add new “rights”, what is so hard about repealing Obamacare?

    • Ah Srdem, your senses are keen. Our hope for a cleansing rinse cycle in leadership is fading to a putrid gray mishmash of selfish, elected representatives that appear to only represent the their own interest. Where is the man or woman who will stand up and declare that they dont give two rats behinds about their career, their war chest, their political future, that they are willing to do what is best for America? Maybe that is only on the movies, but I still have hope that that person will arise and lead others out of the fog.


      • It’s a bit like knowing Santa isn’t real, but that tiny bit of hope that…maybe he is real. -as a kid.
        But with these guys, a miracle must happen for OUR best interests.

    • My thinking on this: it may ultimately be decided by the States, and soon.

      We know about Article Five, and the power of the States to call a convention for proposing Amendments.

      So, why not nationalize the state-level races?

      “If you want Washington DC out of your life, and you are sick of being micromanaged by Beltway paper pushers, then send me to the state legislature, where I will sponsor our state’s call for an Article Five convention, where we can finally rein in the Washington tyrants. I’m Joe Random, and I approve this message.”

      Colorado is already within reach in 2018, and Connecticut may end up there; the GOP already controls 37 state legislatures.

      It can be done; and the beauty of this strategy is that it would spread the Left too thin trying to gain or defend majorities in every single state legislature. Congress can be bought; fifty state legislatures, not so much.

  2. This week the one party rule was exposed. Dems and Reps are one and the same.
    Need a third party for Trump folks.

    Our system no longer works. Republicans RHINOs need to be voted out. But they will not. Just like Traitor McStain, voted back time and time again.

    • Actually, I did read a comment today that only hicks and hillbillies voted for Trump;) How’s that name? This probably coming from some snowflake that never picked up a book;)

      • “Hicks and hillbillies”?
        “Irredeemable deplorable’s”?
        “Bible and gun clingers”?
        Hmmm. Good company if you ask me.

      • Had a conversation with a neighbor a few weeks ago where she said something similar…that it was only “white trash” who voted for Trump. We then got into a spirited “debate” about the Electoral College, of which she was extremely ignorant about its purpose. In short, she thinks there’s nothing wrong with only people in L.A., San Francisco and New York deciding who should be president…because, after all, “they know best.”