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John McCain is About John McCain

I honestly hate to write a negative piece about John McCain, because I can’t help but like him. I’ve known him a bit from my coverage of Capitol Hill, and he’s great to be around, he’s a gentleman, he’s honest, and of course, he’s a hero. And now, he’s dying.

He has always been a “maverick” and a “rebel.” I think it’s his personality. But ultimately, there is a self-indulgence to the man that puts himself before what’s right for the country.

I think some of it, maybe a lot of it, stems from his involvement in the Keating Five scandal back in the 1980s. He was cleared of charges, but something so precious to him, his honor, was tarnished. And so, I think, making sure people understand how honorable he is has become part of his life’s mission.

His vote against the Obamacare “repeal” bill last night, which sunk the measure, and his betrayal of the will of so many Republican voters, was not about the content of the bill. It was about process. The process wasn’t great, it’s true – Republicans were ramming repeal through just like the Democrats had rammed through passage – but most people not so rigid about their “honor” and so forth could just let it go and decide that Republicans have been promising to do this for seven years, it’s best for the country, and let’s move forward.

There are, indeed, times to stand on principle. This principle was not big enough for it given the enormity of the stakes.

But not John McCain. He had to show he adheres to higher standards than the rest of the Senate. And maybe there’s a bit of “screw you” to his GOP colleagues, latent liberal sentiments, a middle finger to Donald Trump – who said something about liking people who don’t get captured – and a desire for one last dramatic John McCain moment. “Wait for the show,” he told a reporter earlier in the day when asked how he’d vote.

But now I’m way over-psychoanalyzing.

But I know John McCain this morning feels good about himself. And the American people will suffer for it.

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  1. I, for one, am sick and tired of the selfish behavior among our elected officials. What ever happened to “serving the people”. If you ask me, Dagan McDowell of FBN said it best the other day: They are ALL feeding at the trough and lapping up the slop.

    I am having a hard time watching any political news any more. I am sickened by the squabbling, the nitpicking, the vicious, nasty comments, and the overall lack of decorum and legion that built this great nation.

    Disagreement… why of course. But this is very hard to stomach. Perhaps this is the low point we need to get to where we need to be, but its really hard to witness.

    And this goes for both sides.

    I know the current administration is making great strides with rollback of regulations, border security, the stock market loves it and our world status is better.

    But this feels like an ugly Thanksgiving Dinner with crazy family, right?


    1. Yes. And today being Friday, and the glorious prospect of 2 days ahead when I can use my time as I like, I choose not to listen to another nano second of b.s. outta’ these cretins who are supposedly so much smarter than the average person, we elected them to lead us.
      I think we have been had.

  2. I am sick and tired of John McCain and his sanctimonious, self-righteous claptrap. I do not wish ill for the man, but he needs to retire and go on home.
    Because of his misguided thought processes, he is screwing the American people into the ground, him and those two Gorgons, Murkowski and Collins.

  3. John McCain, you had an opportunity to leave the Senate with your head held high and with the respect of the people.
    You will now come back to Arizona for treatment, of which there is not much, and I do not foresee you returning to the Senate.
    If anyone has taken the time to read about this cancer, then you know how aggressive it is and gives, at the best 2 years.
    So John, instead of leaving with a good taste in everyone mouth about you, all we have is the taste of bitterness in your decision to once again grandstand, smirk and betray the American People,those that voted for you and embarrass us again here in Arizona.
    You will now be remembered as the tone deaf pompous ass that always chose his opinion of how things should be over the will of his constituents. I for one Arizonian, can only hope that you will retire, spend the rest of your time with your family and will no longer be in a position to govern.

      1. Flake is a huge disappointment. He ran on conservative words & promises. First thing he does is meet with the Hispanic chamber of commerce plotting to continue the biased programs they encourage. (Do we have an Italian chamber of commerce??)
        I hope mccain’s Repub opponent, Dr. Kelli Ward replaces him. He smeared her with nasty ads on news sites for months before his election. He even smeared the dem opponent before the primary. I’m fed up with mccain! Dr. Ward is an honest person.

        1. The only thing Flake is good at is combing his hair and flashing his teeth. He wilted at the town hall with constituents. It’s time they BOTH came home and stay out of Washington.

  4. I am sorry McCain faces a serious illness.

    That doesn’t make him a saint and it doesn’t make him the voice of wisdom. I wish he’d support our President and add his voice to working out solutions, not ramming around the ship as a loose cannon.

  5. CBO estimates 15 million people would lose insurance due to this “skinny” Obamacare repeal. So I’m glad it failed. Now, both parties should work out something rather than crafting legislation in secret.
    Btw, McCain is a real hero. So I’m glad “John McCain is About John McCain”. We need someone with that moral compass – unlike the current guy in white house who dodged the Vietnam draft 5 times.

    1. McCain he is a traitor and should be shot. You are misguided and are the problem. The Congress is happy with obummercare and in the end will do nothing.
      Same with tax reform….there just putting on a show and that is all.

      1. Please, do enlighten on why McCain is a traitor and someone who dodged the draft is not? McCain fought valiantly in the Vietnam war, was PoW for 5 years. Awarded Bronze Star, Silver Star and Purple Heart and bunch of other honors by the military.

      2. Congress is happy with it because they can buy the best plan and make us pay for most of it even though when obamacare was originally passed, someone overlooked dealing with that little detail and they were supposed to pay for it themselves. But, they whined about their staff not being able to afford it and obama waved his magic legislative wand and changed it, putting that burden on the taxpayer.

    2. Who believes what the CBO says anymore? They can’t find their collective a$$e$ with both hands. Just like the rest of the government.
      The government should not be in the business of mandating health insurance and then forcing the taxpayers to foot the bill.

    3. “CBO estimates 15 million people would lose insurance due to this “skinny” Obamacare repeal.”


      Those 15 million people would be CHOOSING to leave the marketplace because they would no longer be FORCED to buy a product they don’t want.

      Stop spreading lies.

    4. Last I heard, 8 million are covered by obamacare. So how can 15 million lose it when half that are actually covered (many put on Medicaid). Many millions lost their insurance with the implementation of obamacare and now many millions are losing obamacare because it is collapsing, it’s so bad. Not to mention the millions who can’t afford to use their obamacare because the premiums and deductibles are so high OR the millions who are being fined for not being able to afford to buy it?

  6. John McCain, you were an American hero on Oct. 26, 1967, when you were shot down over Hanoi.
    John McCain, you were a hero on March 14, 1973, when you were released from your POW hell-hole.
    John McCain, you were a hero on July 28, 2017, when you voted for “We the People” of the USA.
    Thank you for your service, Senator John McCain. You are truly an American patriot.

  7. I had voted in every Presidential election since 1980.

    2008 was the first – and only – time I left the top of the ballot blank.

    John McCain spent nearly his entire political career kicking people like me in the teeth, and then I was supposed to vote for him?


    I don’t wish death upon anyone, but I long for the day when I no longer have to read, hear or even think about one John McCain.

  8. John McCain and the rest of the do-nothing useless republicans in congress and the senate can all go eff themselves. Traitorous, useless lying scumbags. I am at the point where I would prefer to see all of these cretins lose their re-election bids.

  9. Well I know my response is not going to be a popular one and I read but do not post much, mostly for that reason. I don’t consider myself either Democrat or Republican, I honestly don’t think you get a whole lot of difference either way and, frankly, I think most of them are dysfunctional and can’t stand many of them. They are all looking out for themselves at the end of the day, not any of us. I do, however, feel that everyone deserves healthcare in this country. I know Obamacare has a lot of issues, but I don’t support just doing nothing. I live in NYC and I make a pretty good salary and I get taxed to death, yes, and don’t always like it. For example, I don’t like paying more taxes than the most wealthy people in this country (and yes I do because I work with a few). What I don’t mind is paying more taxes so children can have health care, so a mother or father with cancer can get treatment. That doesn’t bother me at all. The downfall of this country started when we stopped caring about other people. I was raised in a middle class family and we never had to take a handout, but we always gave them because we cared. I don’t see many people who care anymore and that saddens me. Not everyone is where they are in life because it’s where they deserve to be. The world is not so black and white and the God that I pray to I’m sure is ashamed at what is happening today. Like I said, Obamacare isn’t the answer, but something has to be because human decency IS the answer.

    1. Well said, Michelle!
      Part of the problem is the stigma amongst Trump supporters because of the former president’s name attached to it. Once you look past it, ACA is supported by majority of Americans. If you look at the ACA enrollment maps and superimpose it with electoral maps, you will see a high concentration of enrollees in Trump country.

    2. Michelle, have you heard of Medicaid, Medicare, the VA? And many states like NY, also have other health programs specifically for children. There are plenty of programs to take care of the poor and the elderly.
      Problem is, there are many able-bodied poor who are too lazy to sign up for those programs they are eligible for. They just figure they can go to the ER for a cold or fever (though under obamacare, from family members who work in hospitals, the abuse of the ER is even greater).
      The other problem is the rampant abuse in all those programs. There is little oversight.
      The government has no business in taking over the entire health system because a few lazy people weren’t insured or refused to sign up for medicaid. Canada and the UK has single payer and their healthcare systems suck. There are long waiting lists and rationed care. Like our VA. New technologies and treatments are not allowed because cost. They go to other countries if they want prompt care. Other countries in Europe have moved away from single payer because it sucks and are injecting more market choices and less government, which has a ton of bureaucratic overhead.
      I DO NOT want any of these corrupt politicians deciding anything about my insurance or my healthcare.

  10. ACA is by no means perfect, so hopefully Congress can put aside theirs differences, and work to craft a legislation with due process, with bipartisan support.
    There is no leadership from WH on this matter. First, Trump says he has a secret plan – repeal and replace on day#1. Then he says who knew it was so complicated. Then he defers to the House and turns around and call their plan mean the very next day.
    If he was such a great negotiator, then why isn’t he negotiating with EVERYONE, including the other side, instead of bullying Murkowski, Collins etc?

    1. Because “The other side” as you like to call them won’t have anything to do with Trump! He’s appealed to them on many occasions and tried to get them on board but they’re all tied up with this Russia BS and bringing down this President, that’s why, Goofy!

      It’s like the President said in a recent speeh he gave and I quote ” If I came up with thbe best plan in the world, that didn’t cost the American taxpayer anything, the Dumpacraps would vote no on it”? And he’s right! Open your eyes you blind bastard?

      1. But..but…he is the greatest negotiator in the world. If he can’t even bring them to the table, what good does it do?
        And what exactly is the “Best plan in the world”? He keeps saying he has the “best plan, greatest plan”..then why doesn’t he tell us what it is? He controls all 3 branches of the govt, and if he can’t even pass a major legislation what good is that?
        Maybe he should golf less and spend less time on twitter :(

        1. Just a little civics lesson here: Trump doesn’t control all three branches of the government. He is chief executive of the Executive Branch. That’s it. He, agree, can (and perhaps should) influence and jawbone the Congress (as virtually all Presidents have done) to get what he wants. His Supreme Court nominees, for another example, certainly would (and do) reflect his view of how the Supreme Court should operate, but many a President has nominated a particular Supreme Court judge in the past and lived to regret it, as that judge morphed into a horrible judge once on the Supreme Court. But that’s it. The issue, re the revised healthcare legislation (and it’s anyone’s guess how that would turn out at this stage), lies with Congress. That’s their job. It’s on their back, and they have failed miserably, thus far. Nothing There’s nothing Trump can do about that at this point except chew them out and embarrass them publicly, as he has done. Trump might or might not sign the healthcare legislation sent to him eventually, and that’s his call. He can be overridden by the Congress if he rejects the legislation. Balance of Powers. Trump can suggest, ask, cajole, beg, whatever, but he, in the ed, has no control over the Congress (or the Supreme Court) on the issue. He can only try to persuade. That’s a good thing. We don’t want a dictator or a king in the White House. Separation of Powers and all that. But it sure can get frustrating at times, as it is now and as you suggest. They say there are two things one can rarely stomach: 1. how sausage is made, and 2. how laws are made. ;+}. So here we are.

  11. I don’t think he really believes in Heaven or Hell? But he’ll be finding out soon and he’ll pay for this kind of traitorous behavior to 340 million Americans. I’d hate to be in his shoes!

  12. Ask the 160+ dead sailors on the USS Forrestal how much they like Mr. McCain. If you are too young to know what happened on that carrier, look it up. The man has been a real a..hole his entire life. I wasn’t on the Forrestal, but was in the Navy, and knew a dozen or so of the dead.

  13. I don’t know you or your publication but anyone that calls John McLame a hero (crashed 3-4 jets all worth millions, was last in his class in Military school and milked his POW status knowing he was gonna use it politically….no hero in that) and honest (Keating 5???) should be working in a government job……

  14. I don’t see it that way, Keith. I don’t think there’s a chance that Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski were voting for the bill, so it was already dead. McCain knew that, and voted his heart because it didn’t make any difference. Those women are the problem.

    1. You’re right about Collins. She has the heart of a liberal Democrat and, in fact, votes the Liberal Democrat way 88 percent of the time. She would never have voted for anything the Republicans put forth, no matter what it looked like.

  15. I disagree…I gave him a pass after the Keating episode because of his service…when he ran against GWB in 2000 primary I found him to be a liar…He lied about a push poll in Michigan, he said he would never use his POW status as leverage but brought up his service during debates….He also lied in an ad about Bush’s Social Security plan….After Bush was elected he voted against the tax cut plan of the White House…The list goes on and it always goes back to he didn’t get HIS way….

  16. The concept of ‘insurance ‘ is analogous to paid protection- the way the mob would raise revenue- & when a population is forced by law to buy it for themselves plus those who are entitled by virtue of poverty, then to be insured is to be extorted! The world is filled with Godless philanthropists thanks to the unConstitutional usurpation of charity- in the name of equality- by the Fed/Gov from the Christian Corps making this Christianist apathropist indifferent to the ‘poor’ (who we have with us always) as put on a pedestal! Down with ‘health care for all’ at the point of an IRS gun!

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