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Huckabee Sanders: If You Only Have Questions on Transgender, Briefing’s Over

Sarah Huckabee Sanders very calmly and very demurely and very directly threatened to shut down the briefing Wednesday if all the press wanted to talk about was President Trump’s decision to ban transgenders from the military.

Of course, this decision affects about .00001 percent of the population. That is, the number of people who, coincidentally, want to serve in the military and also want to change their sex. But for the Washington elites, this is a question of immense concern, a do or die proposition, and an attempt by Trump to tear up the Constitution and use it for drywall in one of his buildings.

To which Sanders Huckabee responded:

Guys, I really don’t have anything else to add on that topic. As I do, I’ll keep you posted. But if those are the only questions we have, I’m gonna call it a day.

17 Responses to Huckabee Sanders: If You Only Have Questions on Transgender, Briefing’s Over

  1. Off-Topic, but I want to make a prediction and see what other Keithaphiles think of it.

    My prediction: it will turn out that the “fake” email from Lynch assuring the Hillary campaign that nothing would come of the investigation — that email will be found to be real. The meeting on the tarmack was a set up to divert attention by supplying a “shocking” incident for everyone to decry. Lynch then steps aside and Comey steps in to make decision about Hillary, which was predetermined all along, even if she had been found with a smoking gun over a dead body. Why did Comey detail all the cr*p? To get ahead of reporters discovering it and to set it in the framework of not being worth attention. On election night, Hillary cried, “If he gets in, we’ll all hang!” I hope it was true prophesy — grind on wheels of justice, but please speed up.

  2. Good for Trump! Transgender = mental illness. To bend to the will of a small percentage of peeps is insane. Dems = insane !
    California = insane, Jerry Brown is mental nut case. Also insane.

  3. The corporate relishes these trigger points–the transgender silliness, the Russian “interference”, the attacks on Trump and his family, leaking financial information, etc. We watch them try to trick, torment and otherwise try to make the Trump team look flummoxed, off course, incompetent, all the while completely ignoring the huge stories of the day.

    Luckily for the American people, we have a President who dishes it out right back to them in a manner which exposes their agenda. We all see it.

  4. Being a US Navy Vet…I am curious how any of these snowflake, weak-ass, ‘transgender’ mental cases would survive the boot camp I knew, or life in Deck Department on a USN warship…
    I had to go thru Deck initiation (having 20 guys beat me up in a space the size of a closet)… I earned my E-4 “crow” and had it pounded into my left arm…

    How would a millennial snowflake “tranny” respond to any of this…???

    • Never mind Deck, I’d like to see a special snowflake try to do midwatch with the hole snipes down in the MMR.

      But your point is well taken, Spook. ;)

      • Haha “Darkangel” that’s funny…I have not heard the words; “midwatch” “snipes” or “MMR” in a long time :-)

        • Shows you how long it’s been since I hung up my crackerjacks, doesn’t it?

          I was on an Austin-class LPD, and those technically don’t even exist anymore, after USS Ponce got retrofitted.

  5. Why, exactly, should we trust multimillion-dollar pieces of equipment, to people so screwed up in the head that they don’t know what to do with the equipment they’ve already got?

    • Read an especially stupid article about how Trump is wrong about how much transgender care costs the military, and how Trump’s travel costs more than transgender care. Who the hell cares how much tranny care costs? It shouldn’t be paid for by the US taxpayers, regardless of cost. So STFU already.

      Lefties haven’t seen a leader with a spine for way too long, and they just can’t take ‘NO’ for an answer any more. NO!!

      GO TRUMP!!!

  6. Look tranny, go ahead and mutilate your body in any way you want. Seriously, it’s yours, and this is still supposed to be a free country. But I am not paying for it if I can help it at all. So STFU already. So sick of your piss-ass whining.

    • Amen!
      If they want to mutilate themselves go get a lefty-liberal-progressive job at Starbucks or Amazon and let those companies pay for it…not the US Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard.

  7. White House press corp doesn’t ask questions. They make statements. One question I have not heard. “How about the Federal debt? Isn’t this debt our death and what is this administration doing about it?