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Trump: Transgenders May Not Serve in the Military

If you want to change your sex or, that not being completely possible, take steps in that direction, that’s your right. It is not your right to disrupt the cohesion of the United States military, which must be devoted to fighting wars and not be distracted by the sexual confusion of individuals who, in close quarters, must inevitably inflict their problem on the group and harm morale.

Trump is labeled crazy by his distractors. And yet, here he is bringing common sense back to policy. Who knew it would be possible to roll back progressivism’s “march of progress”? Surely neither Jeb Bush nor Marco Rubio would have had the courage to buck political correctness and do this. John Kasich wouldn’t have even wanted to. It is steps like these that are exactly why average Republicans defied the Party establishment and voted for Trump.

35 Responses to Trump: Transgenders May Not Serve in the Military

  1. Yes, no more social experiments that put our military men and women at risk. The military is our last defense, their only job is break stuff and kill the enemy.

  2. Excellent decision. Transgender people seem to be confused people and confused people ought not to be in the military. It takes courage to take a decision like this in these times when popular culture is celebrating the homo-bi-trans and queer culture. Well done, Mr President.

    • Shame we can’t throw that ‘he/she’ Manning in the stockade for what he did to US national security.
      But now that thing is a ‘hero’ to the anti-American Left…

    • Absolutely – sign up, get “treated” for your “problem,” don’t resign. Take the results of your free medical treatment and go enjoy your life.

  3. The focus of our military should not be on diversity but unity. Anything that disrupts that unity should not be encouraged. Enough of this political correctness. This was a well-reasoned decision, reached after conferring with those most impacted by this change rather than with social activists.

  4. Good.

    The US military is not some sort of social justice petri dish.

    Don’t like it? Tough.

    We are/were there to protect the country; not cater to your latest parade of narcissism and acting out.

  5. When a bully is backed into a corner, what does he do? Lash out at the most vulnerable. Good job, Mr. President. Why not focus on doing something more meaningful, like creating jobs or replacing/fixing Obamacare?

    • Oh puhleeese. Enough of the claptrap already.
      People with Gender Dysphoria being allowed to serve in the Armed Forces is the worst idea since Barack Obama was elected president.
      These are people with a mental illness. Where in your twisted little mind does that fit in with doing what is necessary to defend our country?

    • “Lash out at the must vulnerable,” what a Prog cliche. Go pay for some person’s “reassignment surgery” and then come back with your virtue signaling.

    • Hardly a broken promise. Saying “Not in the US Military” is not really a failure to ‘fight for them’. It is a victory for sanity and a functioning military, and responsible use of taxpayer money. Sorry your ideals took a blow.

      Why should taxpayers pay for someone’s genital mutilations? I don’t want to fund that.

      Now, if the president said “All transgenders should be rounded up and deprogrammed”, well that would be something.

  6. I see Mike S. hasn’t answered the question. Typical. Hopefully Trump will reinstate the ban on gays. The gay lifestyle — and it IS a lifestyle — is NOT compatible with military service.

  7. And it’s not the responsibility of the American people to pay for expensive transgender “treatments” and surgery because the person is in the military and has health insurance through the military.

    I support President Trump 100% on this decision.

  8. Good. The transgender inclusion seemed like a really strange idea for the military to incorporate. The troops are forged into a “all for one and one for all” mindset and there is no room for individual differences to be questioned or accommodated.

    • US Military; Every soldier, sailor, Marine, airmen needs to be taught from minute one in boot camp the US Military = kill people and break things :-)
      -Not any of this current, hipster, social justice-snowflake-all are good philosophy b#llsh&t.

  9. What kind of armed force would allow homo-bi-trans types to fill its ranks or even take command?! For that matter what kind of armed force allows women to enlist to ‘break things & kill the enemy’?!

  10. I support the President 100%; the military like healthcare is being used by the democrats and their cult members, in order to control and change society. I think there is a method to all of his madness and I will continue to support him unless he gives me a very good reason not to. Let the rich democrats fund all of these social experiments that they are so interested in.