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Sessions Moves to Force Sanctuary Cities to Cooperate

This is what President Trump was elected to do. And this is what he appointed Attorney General Sessions to do. And Sessions has the determination to get it done.

From the Washington Times:

The Justice Department issued a new warning to sanctuary cities Tuesday, saying they must prove they fully cooperate with immigration agents in order to claim federal law enforcement grant money.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said jurisdictions that don’t allow federal agents into their prisons and jails, and that refuse to give at least 48 hours’ notice before releasing illegal immigrants, will lose money. “This is what the American people should be able to expect from their cities and states, and these long overdue requirements will help us take down MS-13 and other violent transnational gangs, and make our country safer,” he said.

The warning was attached to the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant program, which doles out nearly $400 million in funds. Both the Obama and Trump administrations have concluded that federal law requires local law enforcement to cooperate on immigration enforcement in order to be eligible for these kinds of grants.

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3 Responses to Sessions Moves to Force Sanctuary Cities to Cooperate

  1. I hope President Trump can find it in himself to observe and learn from a man so different. They both are great people, but cut from different cloth.

    However, if Sessions is let go, I will still stand with the President.

    I have admired Sessions for years and wish that he would launch a real investigation into Clinton et al. Perhaps he knew this arrest of DebWasShultz’ staff member was in the works and wanted to wait until it was carried out.

  2. Having spent time in Alabama and NYC there is a different cadence to life between the two.

    Jeff might could do his best to realize the difference and know that a southern gentlemen is not in the White House and that Jeff has to adapt.

    If Jeff can do that he will end up a very successful AG. His courage of conviction on other issues is something that Trump should be able to continue to leverage vs… Lyin’ Ted or some of the other names tossed about.

  3. Anything other than compliance with the law is cause for defunding the Sanctuary Cities. America stands with the President and the law.