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Trump Goes After Sessions Again

President Trump Tuesday again assailed his attorney general, suggesting that he should be prosecuting Hillary Clinton.

Trump also went after the acting head of the FBI.

Trump appears to be weighing replacing Sessions with someone who might get rid of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. According to a report, he has been asking people how conservatives would react if he ditched Sessions.

Trump has a large reservoir of support among conservatives and others who want the country to change and who put him in office. But it’s not forever, and it’s not unlimited. The political landscape can change very quickly. Just ask George H.W. Bush, who stood at like 90 percent favorable after he won the first Iraq War and then watched his popularity plummet and then lost to Bill Clinton. Although of course, Bush’s supporters never had the passion Trump’s do.

Sessions is a genuine hero on the right who is viewed as the most effective person to implement Trump’s agenda on immigration, religious liberty, and other issues. I believe that if he if he deletes Sessions, that reservoir will begin to erode and perhaps start moving in an irreversible direction, even if he appoints a credible alternative.

I’d be very interested to hear what you think. Maybe you disagree.

16 Responses to Trump Goes After Sessions Again

  1. IF: As I walked past the White House, I saw MrTrump chasing MrSessions about the grounds while whacking him with a rolled-up NYT.
    I would point out to my companion – Look, there’s a squirrel.
    Our President must do what he thinks is right.

  2. I get T’s frustration w/ a recusing AG but he should have known that early. Too late now and that Mattis / Tillerson are siding w/ Sessions is worse for T. Let it go and let him do his job. Honorable effective man in the job.

    • President Trump & Administration should focus his attention on cleaning out/firing all the high-level Obama left-overs in the various agencies (DOD, State, DOJ, CIA, NSC, etc.) that are now BFF with the biased, anti-Trump “Media”.
      That would really shut-down all these “leaks”.

  3. Yep. Keep Sessions. Quite badgering him on Twitter. Have a long private talk with him, get everything straightened out, agree on a path forward, etc. There’s more than enough to do without this public Sessions circus. Prioritize the AG agenda, get everyone on board, eat a big bowl of Cheerios, and keep on keeping on.

  4. “If he deletes Sessions” — wow, computer vocab has infiltrated our language — lol.

    I will be disappointed if Trump gets rid of Sessions, who is a steady, intelligent, driven gentleman whose only problem is that he expects other people to behave like adults. That might be a fatal flaw, I admit.

    Why can’t Trump meet with Sessions and ask him to bear down on Clinton issues? He’s Sessions’ boss, right?

  5. Sessions is a good guy, and Trump has more important fish to fry….best to go after the ones who really matter (i.e. those in the opposition) rather than potentially antagonizing supporters. This Russia thing is a load of crap, and all his supporters know it. Trump needs to carefully pick his battles but otherwise stay above the fray and let others do the dirty work vis a vis Mueller. Be “Presidential” and continue to drive the Dems crazy. :)

  6. what has sessions done recently to get trumps dander up? he recused himself on the russia stuff when he was appointed. that’s nothing new. they need to sit down and have a pow wow and figure out how to play well with each other.

  7. If Trump has nothing to hide, then he should just let the investigation run its course and not obstruct it. He should just focus on governing instead of going off on twitter tirade on pointless things.
    Of course, a guilty person will try to throw obstacle and even talk of pardoning.

    • The only people talking about a pardon are NeverTrumpers such as yourself.

      But keep fapping to that Russian thing. It’s all you’ve got.

    • Trump is letting the investigation run its course. He would like to also see investigations into Clinton and Obama wrongdoing.

      And so would I.

      • Anonna,
        He is – for now. But seems like he is trying to get rid of Sessions so that he can be replaced with a sycophant who will obstruct the investigation and/or fire Mueller.

  8. I think AG Sessions needs to show his ‘balls’ as Attorney General and come out and explain why;
    1) He jumped scared months ago about ‘recussing’ himself with everything “Russian” related to the Trump Administration…
    2) Why the DOJ IS NOT looking into the messes Obama/Clinton left behind…

    • I thought Trump was the one that didn’t want to go after Clinton after the election….

      Maybe he just is using this to bring to light that the Clintons were colluding with Russia not him, and of course the Special Prosecutor is not going to go after Clinton, since they are investigating Trump….