As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Trump Press Conference With Lebanese PM Hariri

The event has concluded.

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6 Responses to Live Stream || Trump Press Conference With Lebanese PM Hariri

  1. Does anyone else notice that on FNC during Shep Smith show he has lots of anti-Trump talking heads that I never see anywhere else on FNC…?

    Does the FNC management know that Shep Smith is anti-Trump and very snarky and biased…?

    • In the earliest days of Shep’s tenure at FOX, he more or less hid his inner lefty tendencies But in recent years, he pretty much lets it all hang out. He was never a great reporter (far too dramatic and desperate, with personality quirkiness which television amplifies). His amateur on-air behavior coupled with his lost-in-space mannerisms and his lefty radicalism make him completely unwatchable. He seems to be a very strange person trying to hid some inner demon from the rest of the world.

  2. Completely OT, but since my Senator Susan Collins has been in the news a lot lately re health care legislation, you might find this interesting. It’s an insight into Susan Collins’s true character. She’s beginning to reveal the real Susan Collins on hot mikes–like these two examples which occurred just today:

    “‘I Think He’s Crazy’: Senators Caught Talking About President Trump on a Hot Mic”

    “Sen. Susan Collins Blasts House Colleague: ‘He’s So Unattractive, It’s Unbelievable’”

    Collins has been losing it for a long time. These two character assassinations she got caught pronouncing on a hot mike today reveal to the rest of the world what we in Maine already know about the true character of Collins. As a Republican, a public servant and living off taxpayers money for many years, she should be more “moderate” in her hatred toward her colleagues and Trump, one might suggest. And learn about the concept of a hot mike.