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Mooch: Leakers are “Gonna Get Fired”

Q. What happens to leakers on your watch?

A. They’re going to get fired. I’m just gonna make it very, very clear . . . If you’re gonna keep leaking, I’m gonna fire everybody. It’s just very binary.

Sounds reasonable. And no, I’m not insulting him, a former Wall Street guy I know says they all call him “Mooch.”

I love when these terms that business people like to use pop up. What’s “very binary?” I thought that was like some kind of computer thing. Or that it had something to do with mitosis.

Here’s newly installed White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci on Face the Nation Sunday. He’s pretty smooth. The “gonna get fired” stuff begins around 1:15. You’ll like it, it’s very binary.

9 Responses to Mooch: Leakers are “Gonna Get Fired”

  1. “Very binary” is the rough equivalent of “cut and dried.” Something is, or it isn’t. One if by land, two if by sea. And so on.

  2. I guess he meant “it’s very cut and dried” or “it’s either everyone works and no one leaks or someone leaks and everyone is fired.”

    I find it funny, too, when people use words in strange ways. I enjoy the expanding of words to new uses, such as transgender becoming a verb. “He was midway through transgendering when he had second thoughts.”

  3. If baby bunnies make the slightest sound the fox gets them. Survive by keeping their little heads down, body still and mouth shut. Do only what Momma tells them to do.

  4. …Can SOMEONE in the Trump Administration FINALLY clean out all the sleazy, sneaky Obama holdovers that are polluting the upper levels of the US Government and the Agencies…??
    Or maybe try to explain to Pres. Trump that alot of his problems are from these Obama leftovers who are now BFFs with the biased, anti-Trump ‘media’…thats where all these “leaks” are coming from!