As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

12 Responses to Sunday Open Thread – July 23, 2017

  1. Good morning, all. While us yokels in flyover country worry about our jobs, our children’s future, and all the rest, our elites in DC are looking for a Russian spy behind every door. Perhaps it’s time for Our President to allow that Russians have talked to him, or his people, but were rebuffed and so, of no interest.
    Our elected elites in Congress had best get crackin’ on the important things that we all worry about.

  2. Awfully quiet around here today. Agree with ya SR the elites need to shape up or ship out.
    I hit the CollinsCowards and the rest of those who don’t care about freedom in this Sunday’s column:
    “The single founding principle that this great nation sits upon is encapsulated in but one word — freedom. Freedom to buy, freedom to sell, to produce and to pursue, to live your life within your own means with as little interference from government as possible.”

    Have a GREAT Sunday all!

    • Wait a doggone minute. “… to live your life within your own means…” What are you saying? I thought the purpose for gubmint was to give us shite, paid for by the man…??? And if anyone has greater means than I, shouldn’t they be forced to give it to me? Those bastards!

      • ;)
        “…..0bama money….he gittin it from his stash…”
        We know who shouldn’t reproduce, but freedom covers that possibility.
        No. I’m not racist. Just heard that sound bite so many times….

  3. #trump
    As the Trump presidency continues to fade, it will always be a mystery why he never went after the Clintons. Only he knows. Time has past

  4. Great article, Geoff. On Collins, my senator, I mentioned a few days ago that she is all over TV these days, in ads and interviews. The gist of the ads is, “See how lucky you all are to have me as a Senator. I’m your hero.” She isn’t up for re-election until 2020, but perhaps her polls are showing she’s falling out of favor and she’s panicking.

    But this unusual burst of publicity coming from Collins tells me she’s getting some heat from her constituency for the goofy stands she’s taken on issues–the proposed healthcare legislation, (such as it is now), the Trump/Russia thing, etc. People are beginning to call her out on her positions and so she’s justifying them (in her mind).

    As to her “Republicanism”, so to speak, she has the heart of a Progressive/Liberal, right to the core. Conservative review shows us she votes liberal Democrat 88 percent of the time, something she never mentions, course.

    Maine is cursed with another phony, the “Independent” Angus King, who votes 97 percent of the time with the Democrats, according to Conservative Review.

    Maine has had a long list of Congressional sad sacks and phonies including the notorious and devious George Mitchell, the hypocrite Bill Cohen and, of course, the hot tempered drunk, Ed Muskie. And other similar types we’ve been cursed with over the years. Interestingly, Collins was a staff assistant for Bill Cohen when he was in the Senate. So that’s where she began to lose the plot, one would imagine.