As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Sessions: I Love My Job and I’m Staying

3 Responses to Video || Sessions: I Love My Job and I’m Staying

  1. And he should stay. The progress made just in the past few weeks on illegal immigration and gang crackdowns is amazing.
    The expansion of the civil asset forfeiture is extremely disappointing but no one is perfect and to have Jeff Session running DOJ instead of Loretta Lynch? Priceless

    • After the surprising words from PresTrump about MrSessions, a new thought appeared under my tin foil hat: Is this all drama, another news item to feed the MSM and another brilliant move by MrTrump to distance himself from the harsh deportations soon to come?

  2. Sessions is grand master enough to know that a President musing in public is not the sort of criticism to cause a resignation.