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Trump to Give Obamacare Repeal One Last Try

President Trump today signaled that he is going to put the pressure on Republicans to reverse course and try to pass a health care bill. Personally, I don’t think this is over.

It’s unfortunate that Trump was not a better dealmaker. From all reports I have seen, he never mastered the details of the bill and therefore was not completely able to work his considerable dealmaking skills on lawmakers who care about such things. Those with objections to the legislation are particularly in the weeds on this.

Trump meets with the entire Senate GOP caucus – minus John McCain, I assume, who is ailing – at 12:30 in the State Dining Room

He’s right, they must keep their promise. The reason they have power is to repeal and replace Obamacare. That’s why they were voted in, more than anything. Failure to accomplish the mission is an insult to voters. And if they don’t do this, they’ll be facing demands for socialism in the form of single payer next.

The Democrats’ bag of free stuff is bottomless.

13 Responses to Trump to Give Obamacare Repeal One Last Try

  1. This is what DiploMad 2.0 wrote on his blog. Makes sense to me.

    I think the effort to dump Obamacare should have been a two-stage process: 1) repeal the damn thing; and, 2) remove all laws and regulations that hamper the operation of a free market in the health insurance business. In other words, Congress should repeal Obamacare, and we, ordinary Americans, will take charge of replacing it with what we want.

    • That makes perfect sense…which means these morons in the House and Senate will never do it.

      I am beyond ticked off at the way Obummercare has destroyed the healthcare system and health insurance. And, I’m furious that the sleazy Republicans have been lying for years and duping their constituents with their phony repeal votes.

      We would be so much better off if they completely repealed the UNaffordable Care Act and if we could just go back to the way it was. I know that could never happen now; the damage from Obummercare is sadly irreparable. But, as many problems as there might have been before the Dems screwed the country, it was nothing compared to the nightmare Obummercare is.

      • Re: Wall. I think the money would better spent on hiring more Immigration Judges. Obama left a huge backlog. There are not enough judges.

        Also, spend money on the computer system to track down those who overstay their visas.

        There are few Central Americans trying to come to the USA because now the Immigration laws are being enforces.

        The USA has acted as Mexico’s welfare system. Mexico needs to provide opportunities for her people.

        • I agree about The Wall, although I thought it was a good idea at the time. Elon Musk just said self driving cars are going to be the norm in 10 years (imagine the hacking opportunities there,but that’s another story). Can flying cars be far behind? So maybe The Wall would work well for awhile, but not for terribly long.

          • Fly cars? Really? Self-driving cars and the loss of jobs makes it even more important that we build the wall to shield low-skill American workers and not get more self-imported ones.

        • The wall is a must because once Trump leaves office the illegals will return to swarming back over the border.

          And when we deport the illegals here now, I think we can assume they will swarm back as soon as they can. The wall — physical, electronic, patrols, is needed for our future situations.

  2. “It’s unfortunate that Trump was not a better dealmaker.”

    No. It’s unfortunate we’re stuck with a couple of spineless twits ‘leading’ the House and Senate.

    • Indeed. Obama was a terrible dealmaker, but his own party stuck together and supported many of his policies, most notably Obamacare.

      • Call me crazy, but I sometimes wish I could be a Democrat. At least the Dems do whatever it takes to deliver to their constituents what they promised.

        Unfortunately, being a Republican means our so-called “representatives” do nothing but lie to us and fail to deliver because they’re sleazy, weak crooks who care only about their donors and their cushy gigs, (which provide tons of perks and insider deals that make them and their families rich while they are in office and later when they leave office).

  3. Any mandatory- by-law ‘insurance’ is extortion: the forced paying for ‘protection’! Eliminate the ‘insurance’ racket & watch auto/repair & medical costs plummet!