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Trump: Let Obamacare Fail of Its Own Accord

President Trump Tuesday morning tweeted that Republicans should just let Obamacare continue to fail, changing strategies after it became clear Monday night that the repeal and replace bill could not pass as two additional Republcians joined two others in opposition.

This morning’s tweet signalled that White House officials had settlted a new way forward after Trump last night advocated via tweet passing a bill simply to repeal Obamacare without immediately replacing it. That approach may well have lacked the votes as well.

With the threat of repeal, Obamacare’s popularity has increased. Trump appears to be betting that once chaos ensues as Obamacare falls apart, the desire for something different will increase. But Republicans will have to do a better PR job than they have in the past on the issue, as Democrats will immediately begin whining that Republicans are destroying the bill by failling to work with them to “improve it.”

Which is a bit like a car dealer selling you a vehicle that turns out to have been defective and then asking you to pay to repair it.

7 thoughts on “Trump: Let Obamacare Fail of Its Own Accord”

  1. How disappointing. Are they afraid that the people who voted for Hillary won’t vote for them if they do what they promised, or is it just catering to the insurance industry?

  2. If I remember correctly, the approval rate for medical care pre-ObamaCare was about 85 percent. The vast majority of us were very satisfied with what we had–in terms of cost and medical care delivery.

    Right now, the approval rate for ObamaCare averages about 40-42 percent (AP polls show only a 31 percent approval rate), a loss of about 43 percent approval or so compared to what we had before. Over half the population hates ObamaCare.

    We’ve all heard the first hand horror stories about the enormous damage ObamaCare has done to medical care deliver in our country. Yet, the Congress (with its 17.6 percent approval rate) is so tangled up in its underwear, it cannot find the path forward fix the problem.

  3. oh sure, let’s just wait until there’s an emergency situation then pass gov’t run healthcare because there won’t be time for anything else. Sounds like a great plan.

    Repubs in congress were scared to death when Trump won because they knew they’d actually need to DO something for once. So disappointing!

  4. So, somebody tell me again why we should continue to elect Republicans?

    I mean, they’ve been promising to do this during each cycle. Just give us this, and … Now, just give us that, and …

    And we did. And what do we get for it?

    A big, steaming pile of nothing.

    So, again. Somebody tell me why we should continue electing Republicans? Because near as I can tell, they’re just as bad as the Democrats.

    1. Republicans are worse than the Democrats because we expect much more from Republicans, and they collapse in the middle of every political battle and fail us continuously. That’s what’s so aggravating to us. That’s what makes them worse.

      While we expect nothing positive, useful or beneficial for the country from the Democrat leadership in Congress (and they never fail us in that regard), the dysfunctional Republican leadership in Congress is catastrophic in its ineptitude.

      Add to that, the gaggle of RINO’s plugging up the system to prevent any reasonable path forward on every issue, and we are in a mess.

      My Senator, Susan Collins, a textbook RINO, is beyond disappointing. She’s currently running an enormous amount of ads right now in Maine (telling us how wonderful she is, of course) even though she isn’t up for re-election until 2020. That tells me she’s getting some strong heat from her constituency about her bizarre behavior in the Senate. We’ll see. She really needs to be strongly primaried to catch her attention and get her to act like a Republican. Conservative Review gives Collins a Liberty Score of 12 percent. That gives her an “F” rating from CR. Even some Democrats have a better score than that. CR gives her a “liberal score” of 44 and a “conservative score” of 6.

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