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Two Thirds of Americans Don’t Believe Trump Will Build the Wall

Sixty seven percent of Americans believe President Trump will not keep his promise to build a wall with Mexico to keep out illegal entrants, but a majority, 53 percent, think he will deport millions of illegal immigrants, according to a new Bloomberg poll.

The poll also finds that 54 percent think Trump will keep his promise to create more-favorable trade deals for the United States and that 66 percent believe he will make significant cuts to government. But only 43 percent think he can revive the coal industry, and just 47 percent believe he can get tax reform through Congress.

The wall with Mexico was perhaps Trumps most high-profile campaign promise. That only 30 percent think he will build it perhaps suggests some forgiveness in 2020 if he doesn’t.

The poll gives Trump only a 40 percent general approval rating.

6 thoughts on “Two Thirds of Americans Don’t Believe Trump Will Build the Wall”

  1. Polls, I guess, does have some purpose. But to say a percentage of Americans agree or disagree or have the opinion of when the poll doesn’t include at least 90% of the citizenry – how can polls be truly useful and believable. Remember,”polls” showed that Hillary would win the 2016 election.

  2. Polls, shmolls. As K.Lehman suggests, the polls are wrong and have been wrong for years.
    People lied before the 2016 election on their vote for President because of the PC reaction by rabid Dems if they dared say they supported MrTrump. Nothing has changed in the PC world of lies, smoke and mirrors.
    In the previous post, the claim was that most approve of Obamacare – seriously? No, they don’t, they hate Obamacare if they are the ones paying the premiums. The people getting the free medical care are scared they might have to pay something of Obamacare is repealed.
    The population is voting/selecting their support with their TV remotes, their movie tickets, and with the silent seething that only Trump supporters see.
    The Wall – the “beautiful wall” as MrTrump described it – is more than bricks and cement.
    We know what he meant and we approve.

  3. Just learned this morning that Russia while dividing east from west Germany built a wall over 1300 km’s long!
    Guard towers, mine fields,traps,5000 guard dogs and much more!
    BUILD THE d$%^ WALL!

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