As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

12 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || July 16, 2017

    • Yet another “suicide” of a former Clinton associate. Thanks swedishladay for the info. I doubt I’ll read this anywhere else.

    • We now clearly recognize the pattern: if you threaten to expose the activities of the Clintons, you put your life at risk. The list of those who crossed the Clintons and who are no longer with us is very long.

  1. Keith, as you do your research for your upcoming book about Steve Bannon, you might find this interesting.

    “Vatican-Vetted Magazine Accuses Steve Bannon of ‘Apocalyptic Geopolitics’”

    When Church people dive into politics, and declare those who disagree with them, politically, as outcasts, evil and apocalyptic, then we are all in deep trouble. This officially Vatican-sanctioned Catholic magazine is reflecting the opinions and views of Pope Francis, no doubt. Why is Francis so obsessed with all things Trump? This does not bode well.

  2. Our no neck senator McCain apparently had a blood clot in his head, “he’s resting” at one of the five houses he owns in AZ.
    When he deigns to have Town Halls, it’s by invitation only. We hear about it on local news.
    …my OT for today.

  3. Trump’s mistake is being defensive. He should have appointed a special prosecutor to take on the Clintons and related issues–Huma et al. Only he knows why he didn’t. This failure to attack has weakened his presidency and kept Russia only as news headlines. I like Trump & I don’t know why he hasn’t punched back.