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Trump Teases Macron: “You Better Do A Good Job” Against Terrorism

Yes, he’d better. But Europe seems more intent on pretending that they have a crime problem, not a cultural one.

On the other hand, anyone like Macron who achieves power so young has a Machiavellian streak that may equip him in ways other European leaders are not to deal with the problem of Islamic extremism.

BTW, here’s Trump dissing the American media by calling on a Chinese journalist instead. He asked a question not about the Russia investigation but about . . . China.

H/T Washington Examiner.

16 Responses to Trump Teases Macron: “You Better Do A Good Job” Against Terrorism

  1. Two generations, that’s all it’s going to take to dilute the power of the Muslim authority that governs French Islamists. Their grandchildren will not want to live as 8th century dullards, but rather join the modern life that allows personal freedoms abundant in European countries. The young women will want to wear the newest, most modern fashions instead of shrouds, the young men will want to be free to enjoy all the pleasures others take for granted. Harsh religious rules will be ignored.
    The Muslim plotters who believe that invading a non-Muslim country will bolster their fold are fools. They should have studied what happens to sects and old beliefs when immigrants came to America – the pull of social constructs diluted the second and third generation’s pride or ties to the old homeland.
    Today’s social media that reaches all sects or families changes everything – especially 8th century lifestyles.

    • Your post is very upsetting. They will never melt in. They have over 107 Koran commandments to kill non believers! That is not going away. Here in California we have many new mosques in my area alone! They walk with head coverings and I have even seen full head to toe coverings. Its nuts to think they will stop their religion.

      • What I don’t get is why the maniacal left isn’t (also) standing up against this extremely intolerant so-called religion. Put up a plaque of the ten commandments and heads all spin in circles, but allow this army of bloodthirsty jihadists to take root that supports lighting women on fire is ok? It makes no sense.

        • They don’t really understand the religion. They hear the word “peace” and about women it is “modesty” and they do not ask how accurate this translation is. I would say “quiet,” not peace, and “contained,” not modest. But Progs want the thrill of indignation on another’s behalf. They do not really want to learn much.

    • I don’t think so.
      These are not Western Europeans coming to America as in times past and adopting American customs. These are Islamic invaders seeking to finish what they started centuries ago.
      The whole problem with Islam is they refuse to bring themselves into the 21st century. They seek to impose their backward, vile beliefs and customs on Westerners. If Westerners don’t comply they are killed.
      The second half of the problem is there are Westerners who believe that we are somehow to blame for the non-acceptance of Muslims, that it is our ignorance that is causing the problems, and that the Muslims are peaceful and simply misunderstood.
      When you have a phony like Linda Sarsour advocating for the genital mutilation of girls, the acceptance of Shariah Law and the Muslim way of life, you are not going to have a total turn around of belief in a generation or two.

      • I agree with VonEbb and Veritaseequitas, Islam is totally different from other religions and I do not want it in Europe or the US. And ideally,in no place else either. I fear it. It is aggressive and violent, it demands submission and is anti everything the West stands for. Think about what happened to Lebanon when Muslims invaded in the 70s. It changed from a Westernized, pleasant ,multicultural country with many Western tourists to a forbidding ,backwards country with violence and oppressed and veiled women. And Western tourists never go there anymore.

        • agreed this is a different breed still looking at us as the crusaders from 1000 years ago. Muslim law is incompatible with western law. Honor killings of their daughters, stoning, They are savages!

    • I’m not at all sure that this is true, even of the Algerians who started immigrating after the war for Algerian independence. And if they didn’t/haven’t assimilated, then this latest Muslim wave certainly won’t.

  2. I agree. When our soldiers went to Europe during World War Two they went back as Americans. They did not wave the Italian or German flags. Then waved the American flag.

    My concern about the Muslim is they will huddle together in their neighborhoods and never integrate.

    • Little Italy, Little Havana, they just die out as the young move on, move out, go to school/work and the old ties are loosened.
      When I was a child, the SOI (sons of Italy), and other ethnic brotherhood groups were prominent. Today, eh, only in ancient neighborhoods in the Northeast.
      My own ethnic background or heritage is a mish mash of different countries, religions, and I’m just an American, period.

      • Sorry, boots on the ground here in California. Mexicans are not melting into Americans.
        They hate us and want LaRaza, reconquest of the southern sates. They fly there flag, have there god awful chicken and dog fights.

      • But, and this is a big but, the Italians were/are Catholic, as are the Irish. Other immigrants were Christians, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Hindus, Sikhs. All other immigrants having different religions have assimilated. Islam is NOT like any other religion on earth. In fact, I have never considered it a religion, but an evil death cult.

      • Same here re fraternal clubs with the French who moved to New England from Quebec in the 19th and early 20th centuries. They settled in what were called “Petit Canada” neighborhoods where they lived, went to Church, and had their clubs. When I was young, my grandparents really enjoyed these fraternal clubs and talked about “les bonnes temps” (the good times) they had there on weekends. Le Club Pariseau (Snowshoe Club) and Le Club Calumet were two I remember them attending and talking about.

    • In my little town (pop 25,000), we have about 6,000 Muslims who moved here in the mid-1990’s. There are two distinct clusters in that 6,000.

      In Cluster 1, the men are tall and slim, the women tend to be on the heavy side and they have an extremely poor record of assimilation after all these years. They don’t speak English very much, most (90+ percent) are unemployed, they tend to lounge around and collect welfare money, to put it bluntly. Their kids do better, but the original group lives in their own world and don’t even pretend to be assimilated or want to be, at least for the vast majority of this Cluster 1 group.

      In Cluster 2 of the immigrants from Somalia, we have the Bantu immigrants, also all Muslims. They assimilate very quickly, are gainfully employed and industrious, for the most part, speak very good English. They are friendly and open, and seem to have a great sense of humor. The women dress like other women their age, with the exception of a small head kerchief they wear (though they often don’t wear even that).

      In the third wave of immigrants coming to this very small community, we have a large number coming from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a few other African nations. Many are Catholic (I see them at Mass on Sunday) or other form of Christianity. They also seem to be gainfully employed, going to college and otherwise easily integrate into American society. They are easy to talk to and are very happy to to have escaped dire living circumstances in their country of origin.

      I guess my point is that different immigrant groups, even from the same country and sharing the Muslim religion, integrate into our society in different ways. It’s good to keep that in mind.