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Trump: What Did You Want Me to Do, Have Fistfight With Putin?

President Trump on the way to France Thursday stopped into the press cabin of Air Force One for one of those off the record encounters White House reporters treasure, at least to get some face time with the president, get to know and understand him, and then maybe get some calls returned down the line from him or his top aides.

Except Trump apparently thought it was on the record and demanded to know why he wasn’t seeing his quotes in the press. So the White House released some of it, including his own account of the meeting he had had with Russian President Putin during his trip to Europe the previous week.

From the New York Times account of the encounter:

“I said to him, ‘Were you involved in the meddling with the election?’” Mr. Trump recalled. “He said, ‘Absolutely not. I was not involved.’ He was very strong on it. I then said to him, in a totally different way, ‘Were you involved with the meddling?’ He said, ‘I was not — absolutely not.’”

At that point, he said, Mr. Putin shifted the conversation to the war in Syria.

“What do you do? End up in a fistfight?” Trump said.

And what are the Russians going to do, say, Yeah, heck, we did it. Sorry, hope you don’t mind.

And by the way, if you want to apprehend the magnitude of the monomaniacal mainstream media focus on the Russia investigation, consider that the leaders of the United States and Russia met privately for two and a half hours, and all anybody in the press wanted to know was whether Trump made a meaningless effort to get Putin to admit that he tried to sabotage the U.S. election.

4 Responses to Trump: What Did You Want Me to Do, Have Fistfight With Putin?

  1. No one seems to know what the Russians actually did to be accused beyond “meddling, hacking, interfering” in our election.
    What did they do — change vote counts, keep Dems from actually voting, tweak voting machines, use vanishing ink on paper ballots?

    The anti-Trump crowd doesn’t see or understand how insulting their charge of a violated election is to all of us who did vote for MrTrump. They imply that there just couldn’t be 62+million voters who actually wanted this man instead of the most qualified, smartest, bestest woman to ever deign to run for office.

    It now seems that the Russia! Russia! theme will not just go away for lack of legitimate information or evidence.

    • The running irony in this Russia story is that no one colluded with the Russians more than Hillary and Obama– and the Iranian criminals for that matter–more than the Clintons–through the Clinton Foundation caper and Obama’s insane foreign policy. Small example, Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian “lawyer” in the news all this week was banned from entry into the United States. Then, for reasons no one knows, Obama and Hillary’s State Department waived that ban so she could enter the US and do whatever the heck she planned to do. Why was her entry ban lifted by Obama and Hillary? Who knows? Who was she working for? Why was she suddenly seen with attending the highest level meetings of the Obama government? But it wasn’t for the benefit of the United States, you can be sure of that. You won’t see the corporate media even slightly interested in the matter.