As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

8 Responses to Saturday Open Thread || July 15, 2017

  1. Brace yourself. Putin attended Donald Jr’s meeting at Trump Tower.

    MSM has fun making up stuff. Why can’t I do it too?

    Have a good week end to all.

    • Boris and Natasha meet secretly at Trump Tower in the middle of NYC with a group that seems to number 8 Americans now.
      After the meeting adjourned, Boris and Natasha were cornered by the rabid MSM that was camped outside Trump Tower in the Middle of NYC. The Russian duo claimed they were only there to propose a new menu for the Trump Russian Tea Room that they hoped would be built in Moscow.

  2. Remember that rogue judge in Hawaii that singlehandedly tried to block PDJT’s terrorist ban?

    Remember how it went all the way to the Supreme Court?

    And remember the concurring opinion, where the high court’s conservatives warned there might be too much wiggle room?

    Well, guess what rogue judge in Hawaii decided to take the Supreme Court up on that wiggle room?

    The kicker: the number of “refugees” resettled in Hawaii since the disappearing red line in Syria, isn’t even in triple digits.

    Virtue signalling from the marble columns is SO much easier, when it’s the haoles that stand to get their butts shot off…

  3. I just read this translation on from a poster in Sweden. I don’t quite understand it all, but the bottom line that I took is that Muslims should not assimilate. Maybe swedishlady can elaborate:

    The other day cwejman wrote on the GP that assimilation in fact is not bad, but even necessary in a society. I think the opposite. Assimilation is the forefront of authoritarian states. Assimilation means creating an expectation, a pressure that all the specific features are wiped out because uniformity is what is expected and necessary. And in society, the idea will grow from the assimilation of immigrants / culture / religion to shrinking all the space to stick out in so well thought as dress. To be assimilated, there must be a cultural right, an ideological right, scientific, religious. It is a stranglehold on our freedom and society development. It is democratically reprehensible and completely incomprehensible that gp can drive assimileringsfrågan on editorial. So far, I’ve only heard it from SD and rasistsajter online.

    • MarjoJimbo, Adam Cwejman is a journalist with Polish/Jewish background. He writes for the daily newspaper Göteborgsposten, GP. Since I don´t read that daily ( it is mostly local and read by people on the Western part of the country ), I am not really aware of the debates there. But obviously Cwejman wrote an editorial about assimilation of immigrants, and then some crazy green/leftist person objected to that. His/her thoughts are definitely not representative of the majority of Swedes. And thank heavens for that.