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Koffler Writing Biography of Stephen Bannon

Good evening.

I wanted to let you know that for several months now, I have been writing a book about White House advisor Steve Bannon. Early this spring, Regnery, the conservative publishing house, approached me with the idea, and I jumped at the chance.

The book will talk about Bannon’s life, but it will focus on his ideology and the sources of his thinking, helping explain Bannon’s brand of conservatism and discuss what he is trying to help President Trump achieve.

Unfortunately, it has meant that I have had to leave my post as senior editor at the Washington Examiner. I plan to continue publishing here at White House Dossier until I finish writing the book and will continue to do so once I’m done later this summer.

And yes, it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon. “Bannon: Trump’s Rebel in the White House,” will be published November 13, 2017. I think you will love it.


9 Responses to Koffler Writing Biography of Stephen Bannon

  1. Hi Keith,
    So happy to see that you’re able to publish this. I know that love of country is your passion and can’t wait to read it. Good luck and glad you are keeping WHD alive.
    Off to review your Obama scandal tome. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great news, Keith, and congratulations. And thanks for keeping this blog meanwhile. So, I guess you will interview Bannon for the book. Say hello from me, I admire this revolutionary rebel.